Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show reveals why she doesn’t fear death; Mom validates Kapil Sharma’s ‘man’ jibe


Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show has revealed why she did not fear death. Archana’s heart-touching message for her father left her fans teary-eyed. This came just days after her mother jokingly validated Kapil Sharma’s ‘man’ jibe for the veteran actress.

Archana Puran Singh

Sharing her father’s photo, Archana wrote, “Miss the fun we kids used to have with you around. The unexpected shopping trips. The Mussoorie vacations. The chupke se 100 ka note haath mein pakda dena which you used to call “by chupka”… When a car overtook yours you would overtake it again and call it your “Italian driving”. You would answer pesky wrong numbers by barking like a dog. No wonder I’m a little mad too. You inspired me to become successful.”

Archana also revealed that her ‘work ethics of punctuality and zero tolerance for dishonesty’ comes from her father, who was a celebrated lawyer by profession in Dehradun, then a part of undivided Uttar Pradesh.

She wrote, “You were Sanjay Gandhi’s lawyer and yet refused to better your career chances as that would involve leaving your beloved Dehradun. You never travelled because you said I have everything I ever wanted right here itself. You knew no other life except the courts, your wife and kids. Much of how I live my life today, I have learnt from you.”

The popular actress and TV show judge revealed that she did not fear death. She wrote, “If there is a reason I don’t fear death it is because I’m keen to look at your twinkling brown eyes and hear you say: you did well girl. Your approval meant so much to me. Still does. I did all I’ve done in my career to prove I’m a worthy daughter, a chip off the old block. And the highest compliment I have ever received is “you remind me of your dad”.”

She concluded her post by thanking her father as she wrote, “Thank you Papa, for being funny, loving, generous. For teaching me that personal integrity trumps everything. And that even though it comes at a price, it is more than worth it. And yes, for the dictum you taught me: as long as your conscience is clear, be unafraid of anything and anyone.
Till we meet again Papa, I’m sending you some “by chupka” hugs and kisses and all my love. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads in this world. And beyond.”

Archana’s note left her fans emotional. One wrote, “Very heart touching message for your Papa XOXO.” “You are Xerox copy of your father mam,” commented another. Another fan wrote, “Straight from the heart…well articulated and the emotions woven testifies the long lasting bonding that you shall ever have with your loving dad!!”

Archana was recently in the news after her own mother validated Kapil Sharma’s ‘man’ jibe aimed at the Sony TV show’s judge. The shooting for The Kapil Sharma stopped in March as the COVID-19 pandemic began to wreak havoc across the globe.


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