Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show makes shocking revelation; says she’s forced to avoid contact with mother at home after resumption of shooting


Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show has sensationally revealed the price that she was being forced to pay for being the part of the Sony TV comedy show fronted by Kapil Sharma. The veteran actress revealed that she was forced to stay away from her mother ever since the shooting for The Kapil Sharma Show resumed after a prolonged period of lockdown.

Archana shared a video of her interaction with her mother on Instagram as she wrote, “Mom se mulaqat. Agar distance aapke bhale ke liye hai, toh distance acchhaa hai. Hai na. (Meeting with Mom. If the distance is for your good, then it’s a good distance, isn’t it?) So keeping elderly family members safe… by keeping them at a distance.”

Speaking about the pitfalls of the COVID-19 pandemic on families, Archana’s mother said, “I am telling you. Really, you will tell your grandchildren that once upon a time it happened like that. ‘We couldn’t meet anyone for 100-150 days’. It did not happen even during wartime. I was small during the Second World War. That time, just a blackout would happen briefly and (life would return to normalcy).”

Archana said that the enemy was visible during World War II unlike now when the enemy in coronavirus could not be seen. She said, “That time the enemy was visible and identifiable. Nowadays, even though we can identify coronavirus, it’s an invisible enemy. It can be anywhere, that’s why we are scared.”

Archana asked her Mom how she was coping since she the two could not meet as often as they could in the past. “You miss meeting me. I can’t come to your room,” the veteran Bollywood actress told her mother, who replied that even though she was not happy with the new normal, she had no option but to accept the reality.

Archana revealed that she was speaking to her mother after a few days. She said, “Ever since the shoot (for The Kapil Sharma Show) resumed, I have not spoken to you. This was just a coincidence that we met here and I moved away instantly.”

Archana’s mother said that she considered herself fortunate that she was able to meet her daughter even briefly in their own house.


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