Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show left red-faced after mother reveals she eats 2 kgs of mangoes in one go, husband Parmeet caught lying


Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show recently recreated a sensuous dance move from her 1987 film Jalwa also featuring Shahid Kapoor’s Dad Pankaj Kapur to celebrate reaching 5 lakh followers on Instagram. A day later, the affable actress shared an adorable video from inside her house, discussing the finer points of mangoes. From her video, we also learnt that Archana Puran Singh is capable of eating two kgs of mangoes in one go. This was after she was seen in conversation with her mother and son.

Archana Puran Singh

The Kapil Sharma Show judge told her mother while pointing towards the mango tree in her garden, “Mom, your hard work is paying off. It’s all your creation. You made it happen.” Archana’s mother said, ‘If you plant 3-4 more mango trees here, you will not need to buy the fruit from the market.”

Archana then asked her mother, “You know how many mangoes I consume during the season?” Her Mom replied, “You eat two kilos in one go.” A visibly embarrassed Archana requested her mother to not reveal her secrets as she said, “mere raaz mat kholo meri maa.” Archana’s mother jokingly said, “What’s wrong in eating too many mangoes? It simply means you have a better taste for fruits.”

Archana’s son Ayushmaan revealed that he too was a big fan of mango just like his mother. He said, ‘I love mangoes. That’s why I am wearing yellow.” When Archana asked her husband Parmeet if he too liked mangoes, he said, “a lot.” To which, son Ayushmaan said that he was lying. “He doesn’t like mangoes,” Ayushmaan said on camera.

Archana on Sunday had taken to Instagram to inform how she had crossed half a million mark on the Facebook-owned social media platform. And to celebrate the occasion, a visibly overwhelmed Archana shared a clip from her 1987 film Jalwa also featuring Naseeruddin Shah and Shahid Kapoor’s father Pankaj Kapur.


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