Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show goes hysterical by Bhagyashree’s ‘revelation’ about husband; Parmeet Sethi’s ‘number one’ compliment leaves domestic help stunned


Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show recently ‘revealed’ how she and her family had to scurry for safety from their domestic help Bhagyashree. In response, Bhagyashree said that Archana’s husband Parmeet Sethi was particularly scared of her, adding that he often appealed to her with folded hands to leave him alone. This became the highlight of Archana’s yet another fascinating conversation with Bhagyashree in her latest video.

Archana Puran Singh

Sharing the video of her conversation with Bhagysahree on an important topic of women’s safety, Archana wrote, “Bhagyashri reflects on working conditions for women. Her concern for other women who may not be lucky enough to get good homes to work in, is a real issue in the workplace for millions of women in our country. Under that humour and booming laugh of hers resides depth, wisdom and empathy. Salute to all the women who work in our homes to support their families. It is their right to expect protection under our roofs. Just as it is our duty to ensure it.”

In the video, Bhagyashree is heard saying, “If other women and girls got work for madams like you, then they wouldn’t have to face trouble in life. They would not be forced to go on the wrong path. Archana said that there were many families who provided great environments for their domestic help to work in.

This prompted Bhagyashree to say, “But this world is not small. There are many people. There are many women who still have to face problems.”

Archana agreed as she said, “You are right. It’s important to have a good family.”

Bhagyashree said, “There’s no tension here (at Archana’s house).” Archana interrupted her by saying, “Here, we have to constantly scurry for safety from you.” This left both Archana and Bhagyashree in splits as the latter quipped, “particularly sir (Parmeet Sethi).”

“Sir always tells me with folded hands. ‘You go my mother from here.’ And when I am about to leave the place, then sir becomes very happy… But I know sir doesn’t mean his words and only say it for ‘time pass.’ ”

While Bhagyashree was busy commenting about Parmeet, the latter entered the room. A visibly embarrassed Bhagyashree said, “hello sir.’ Parmeet, who had managed to listen to his wife’s conversation with their domestic help, addressed the latter and said, “You are the number one.”

After Parmeet left the room, Bhagysahree told Archana that the ‘number one’ compliment by the former was the ‘world’s greatest award’ for her.

Not too long ago, Archana was forced to abruptly end her video shoot after Parmeet expressed his displeasure on the noise caused by her conversation with her maid.


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