Anurag Kashyap slams trolls, fake news factory OpIndia on Twitter after being accused of hypocrisy


Bollywood filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has slammed trolls and fake news factory Opindia after they accused him of hypocrisy while taking a stand on the issue of rape. This was after Kashyap shared a story link saying how fake videos and rumours had created a riot like situation in Aligarh.
Anurag Kashyap

Responding to his tweet, a troll wrote, “Entitled Bollywoodia tags PMO when someone threatens his daughter on Instagram. But the 2.5 year old brutalised and murdered should not call for anger of the common man.”

An angry Kashyap decided to shut up the troll as he wrote, “Murder of a child is as heinous a crime as it can be and there should be action and there was. Criminals were arrested. But taking it further to say there was rape, and dismembering of the body and eyes gouged out which didn’t happen and then creating an atmosphere of riots. No.”

Another troll wrote, “Anurag Kashyap highly Deplorable. Doosre ki Beti ke saath ‘hua to hua’, aap to politics jaari rakhen. Such insensitivity towards other’s pain. Shocking…or really not.” This troll was responding to a recent tweet by Kashyap, who had drawn the attention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi after one BJP supporter issued rape threats to his daughter on social media.

Once again, the famous filmmaker decided against staying quiet and replied to the troll. He wrote, “Not your fault. You read OpIndia.”

OpIndia blog page is notorious for peddling fake news in favour of the BJP. Time and again the notorious blog page has had to face public ridicule and chiding from law enforcing agencies for attempting to disturb the law and order situation through its provocative fake stories.

Earlier this month, a 2.5-year-old year baby was brutally murdered over a money dispute with the murderers and the victim’s father. Police arrested two individuals, Zahid and Aslam. However, Opindia and its like-minded individuals in the pro-Hindutva camp had desperately tried to add the rape angle (see screenshot above) by mischievously attempting to make it a Hindu-Muslim issue. The Aligarh Police had earned plaudits for quickly issuing a detailed statement denying rape.


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