‘Anti-national’ Aamir Khan gears up to solve water crisis in Maharashtra


Not so long ago, he was dubbed as anti-national and many BJP leaders asked him to leave India with some even suggesting to take refuge in Pakistan.

Today, Aamir Khan, with his entire team of Satyamev Jayate is tirelessly working in the drought hit areas of Maharashtra teaching people the techniques of water preservation.

According to NDTV report, Aamir Khan’s Paani Foundation has launched Satyamev Jayate Water Cup through which the actor is busy teaching the water preservation techniques in villages of three districts.

The actor, whose intolerance remarks had made him a villain of sorts among the Hindutva brigade, plans to award those coming first, second and third prize of Rs 50 lakh, Rs 30 lakh and Rs 20 lakh respectively.

Aamir has been joined in his noble initiative by Riteish Deshmukh, Sai Tamhankar, Reema Lagoo and Atul Kulkarni, his ex-wife Reena Dutta and even Sunny Leone.

As part of the campaign, the team will dig wells and teach villagers about water harvesting.

Reena Dutta is the chief operating officer of Paani Foundation. Also, extending support to Aamir is PK director Rajkumar Hirani who is in on the projects with Aamir from the beginning, along with Kumarmangalam Birla and Mukesh Ambani.



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