Another KBC contestant from Bihar wins Rs 1 crore, mesmerised Amitabh Bachchan wants his ‘share’


Another KBC contestant from Bihar has won Rs 1 crore on the Sony TV quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati leaving the host, Amitabh Bachchan, utterly mesmerised. Ajeet Kumar, a jailer from Bihar’s Hajipur left everyone in a state of awe by confidently answering the question for Rs 1 crore.

The question for Rs 1 crore was to name the first British satellite to be launched by a British rocket. After exercising his last remaining lifeline 50:50, Kumar was left with two options namely Prospero and Miranda. He immediately answered ‘Prospero,’ but Bachchan warned him about the consequences if his answer was wrong.

This made him nervous and as Kumar paused for a long time to reconsider his answer. His wife, who was sitting in the audience, was about to have a nervous breakdown. But Kumar, who impressed everyone by confidently answering all his questions remained steadfast and asked Bachchan to lock ‘Prospero.’

Bachchan told Jha that he was blown away by his intelligence and confidence. He jokingly asked, “Please tell me how much I will get as my share from your prize money?”

He added, “I’ve run out of words to congratulate you. All words are less in comparison to your intelligence.”

Bachchan announced that he had just won Rs 1 crore.

Kumar has become the third contestant from Bihar to win Rs 1 crore this season. Earlier, Gautam Kumar Jha and Sanoj Raj from Bihar had won Rs 1 crore. The fourth winner of this season’s Rs 1 crore prize money was Babita Tade from Maharashtra.



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