Angry Salman Khan threatens to throw Siddharth Shukla, Asim Riaz out of Bigg Boss 13


Bigg Boss host Salman Khan has threatened to throw Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz out of the Colors TV’s reality show because of their constant fights in the house. A promo broadcast by Colors TV on Friday showed Salman losing his cool at Siddharth and Asim after they continued to show disrespect to the Bollywood megastar during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Another striking feature of the weekend’s episode will be Siddharth Shukla once again taking on Salman.

Siddharth Shukla

In the promo, Salman is seen lashing out at Siddharth and Asim for repeatedly threatening to see each other outside the Bigg Boss house. Addressing Siddharth and Asim, Salman said, “Siddharth and Asim, how much poison are you spewing?”

Siddharth is seen clarifying, “Sir, this conversation has taken place several times. If you have so much inside you, then come and meet me outside the house. Now don’t talk to me for two weeks. But despite that, he keeps going on.”

Asim explains his position, “I was the moderator and took a decision. He (Siddharth) came to me and said ‘you were kicked out by your father and your brother was your father’s mistake)’.” Salman seeks to draw Siddharth’s attention but he ignores the Bollywood megastar evoking angry response from Salman as he yells, “Siddharth….I will throw both of you out of the house.”

Salman continues, “Siddharth and Asim have been continuing for the last 17 weeks asking each other to meet outside the house. Violence is not allowed inside this house. But it’s allowed outside the house. So, I open the gate. Go outside and beat each other up with full satisfaction then return to the house if you are in a condition to return.”

“Put your money where your mouth is..Bigg Boss please open the gate for these two macho men,” Salman adds.

While Asim remained seated, Siddharth gets up and to leave and dares Asim to follow him. It’s not clear how Salman reacts to Siddharth’s behaviour. Siddharth had sensationally called Asim and his elder brother their father’s mistakes. This had left Twitterati incensed with even his friend Jay Bhanusaali losing his cool to Siddharth’s behaviour.

Earlier, Siddharth, Shefali Jariwala and Paras Chhabra were seen launching a joint attack on Asim. Far from being fazed by their provocation, the contestant from Jammu and Kashmir was seen replying with equal vigour.



  1. Asim is an irritating guy..he thinks he’s Salman’s replacement in the industry..Grow up takes years to be there.


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