Angry Salman Khan addresses housemates as ‘idiots,’ stuns Rashami Desai with revelation about Arhaan Khan’s secret baby from previous marriage


Bigg Boss host Salman Khan will be seen lashing out at housemates by calling them ‘idiots’ before stunning Rashami Desai with a revelation about her boyfriend Arhaan Khan’s secret baby from a previous marriage. Salman was incensed over the housemates indulging in violence all throughout the competition in the week gone by.

 Rashami Desai

In the promo broadcast by Colors TV, Salman is seen asking Arhaan angrily if he had revealed everything about his past to Rashami. Arhaan says that he has told her about his previous marriage, but Salman asks him if he had also told Rashami about the ‘child.’ “Arhaan, you are fond of sharing the stories from outside inside the Bigg Boss house. Ok, tell me about yourself,” Salman tells Arhaan.

He then shifts his attention to Rashami and says, “I’ve known you for the longest time Rashami. That’s why I’m doing this. He’s not told you this.” When Rashami asks if Salman meant ‘marriage,’ the Bollywood megastar says, “child?”

Salman will be seen asking the housemates, “Idiots. Are you guys playing the game or showing your strength to each other?”

Rashami Desai on Friday night alleged that Shehnaaz Gill, the self-claimed Katrina Kaif of Punjab, had fractured her finger when she snatched a toy from her possession without any provocation. The topic dominated the proceedings inside the Colors TV’s reality show as Hindustanu Bhau said that Shehnaaz must face a criminal case.

Hindustani Bhau told Rashami, “It’s a non-bailable crime. If I was there, I would have filed a case (against Shehnaaz).”

Shefali Jariwala also informed Shehnaaz that her violence had caused a fracture in Rashami’s finger and the matter could soon become serious.

Rashami Desai said that she will speak to Salman Khan on Saturday to inform him that she wanted to quit the game. Arhaan Khan removed his mic in protest. Rashami Desai tried to persuade him to change his decision but when he didn’t, she too removed her mic.

Rashami was also incensed after learning that Mahira had stolen her items by opening her bag. Rashami called Mahira ‘do kaudi ki chor‘ who had Rs 2 mentality. Rashami said that Mahira Sharma was a shameless woman.

Rashami was later called into the confession room, where she told Bigg Boss that she was not okay ‘with this kind of an atmosphere.’ Bigg Boss told Rashami to raise her issues with Salman Khan over the weekend.

In other developments, Himanshi Khurana apologised to Asim Riaz for not loving him back but promised to always cherish his friendship. Asim thanked her for coming into his life adding that he will continue to love her. “I will miss you so much if I go,” he told Himanshi adding that his love for her was ‘pure.’


  1. Salman is biased I don’t like him anymore. No one from my family and most of my friends also wont see his film.
    Mahira Paras Arti Siddharth Shehnaz are real lossers in the house. Every time salman target Rashmi, Asim Vishal. Is Salman go blind when he sees all these cheap people do and shout and abuse. Salman lost his self respect. Mahira who was against siddharth and shehnaaz is with him now these shows who is good and bad. And if salmaan have problem with the people in bigg boss house talking about ghar ka baahar ka then salmaan too should not talk about Arhaan personal life. He is defaming him on national television. He could have said this to rashmi by calling her inside the confession room.
    #I #hate #Salman.

  2. Rashmi is stupid. So is Shefali. Shenaaz did not break her hand on purpose ? Its a fracture, not even broken. Criminal case my ass. These guys need to chill. When they hurt others its fine, but if happens to them then they go insane.


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