Angry fans dare ‘biased’ Salman Khan to reveal Siddharth Shukla’s love life after he ‘exposes’ Asim Riaz’s hidden past after embarrassing Arhaan Khan and Paras Chhabra


Salman Khan’s decision to discuss Asim Riaz’s rumoured girlfriend on national TV has left fans incensed as they dared the Bollywood megastar to talk about Siddharth Shukla’s love life. Angry fans have decided to slam Salman, who has publicly shamed Arhaan Khan, Paras Chhabra and now Asim Riaz, but have always saved Siddharth Shukla during this season of the reality show.

The promo broadcast by Colors TV on Saturday night showed Salman lashing out at Asim for his rumoured relationship outside the Bigg Boss house. He said, “Asim, why don’t you first confess first before coming here (to pronounce your love for Himanshi Khurana)?”

Salman continued, “Asim, you haven’t broken up right?” Asim replied, “Sir, I will fix everything after going out.” Salman threatened menacingly, “What if I get to know that you haven’t broken up with her, Asim I will come in and kick your ass.”

In the early part of the promo, Salman had also insulted him for looking like a ‘bloody fool’ by expressing his love for Himanshi when the latter was not interested in him.

The promo has left Asim’s fans angry as they asked Salman to use similar language for Siddharth Shukla and discuss his love life.

Earlier, Salman had revealed how Arhaan Khan had a secret child from his first marriage. This had effectively wrecked his relationship with Rashami Desai. Salman had also revealed how Paras Chhabra had cheated on his girlfriend Akanksha Puri for Mahira Sharma.


  1. WHY DOES SALMAN CARE ABOUT OTHER PPL’S LOVE AFFAIR? He should look into his own stupid affairs in the past. Until now he has not married but he had a string of ladies in relationship.

    Why drag other ppl matters inside BB?
    From earlier Salman hated Himanshi and Salman is being unjust and biassed…

    He is making a big fool of himself.. disgraceful for him to say that Asim is irritating.

    Salman Khan failed to realise he has been extremely irritating and sickening for being biassed. He thinks he is great…

  2. Salman is the best. & Sid is the best. Asim ke chahnewalon, tume kohi kaam nahi rone ke alawa. Asim is like that. That’s your he gets all the budding. Ha ha

  3. Question of sid past does not bother anyone as he has not confessed love to any girl in BB.So stop feeling sorry for Asim.Asim himself is a big cry baby.
    Re salman ,he is too above to answer stupid accusations towards him.All he is trying to protect the girls who are being made fools by guys like asim,arhan, and paras.these guys want their bread to be buttered on both sides.Stop pointing fingers at salman.,he is atleast doing a good deed,u crazy fans are just birds brains

  4. Listen Siddharth hatter. Siddharth is always clear with his word and whatever he do or say he always clear it ok.So dont try to defame Siddharth got it. He is the Lion of BB house who walks alone. And ya You are talking about asim write he is showing just because he was with Siddharth in a first week. Keep that in mind.

  5. I really like Siddharth Shukla for the way he is. He remained Real right from the beginning. Never saw him crossing his boundaries unless provoked to the end. Never saw him flirting with HMs inspite of opportunities. Remained conscious and listened to Salman very carefully and taken his advice. Unlike other contestants who has done all of the above when given a chance. Salman is not biased but has really understood this jesture and is very right in his approach towards him. He exactly knows who is right and who is wrong in his/her approach. After all there are 150 cameras and nothing can remain hidden even if not shown in 1 hr.


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