Amitabh Bachchan intervenes to rescue KBC contestant from his home town amidst heckling from audience


KBC host Amitabh Bachchan welcomed one Usha Yadav from his home town of Allahabad on Monday night. Yadav surprised everyone including Bachchan by winning Rs 25 lakh despite losing three of her four lifelines very early in the game.

Amitabh Bachchan

Usha Yadav, who said she was a housewife, turned out to be a hugely entertaining guest as Bachchan teased her on several occasions for her habits of repeating words during her conversations. But some of the techniques used by her to answer difficult questions left even the Bollywood megastar speechless.

For example, the question for Rs 80,000 asked by Bachchan read, “From this image, identify the temple designed in the shape of a huge chariot drawn by seven horses. Her options were Konark Sun Temple, Meenakshi Temple, Somnath Temple and Brihadeswara Temple. The correct answer was Konark Sun Temple but the way she arrived at the correct answer left even Bachchan truly amazed.

When asked, Yadav explained, ” I have never visited this temple but the new Rs 10 currency note has its photo and I also read somewhere that the government has used the photo of Konark Temple in the new Rs 10 note.”

Bachchan teased her by saying that a Rs 10 note had won her Rs 80,000.

Bachchan was seen enjoying his camaraderie with the housewife from Allahabad, his hometown. After she won Rs 3.20 lakh, Yadav began to face disruptions from the audience and found it difficult to continue talking due to repeated heckling. This prompted Bachchan to intervene and come to her rescue as he looked at the audience and said, “Bhai sahab, why are you troubling her? She is from my city. Did you know that?”

Bachchan then turned towards Yadav and asked her to not pay heed to the heckling from the audience.


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