Amidst speculations on British passport of Alia Bhatt, mother Soni Razdan reveals her citizenship


Trolls have lately targeted actress Alia Bhatt and her mother Soni Razdan alleging that both the mother-daughter duo held British citizenship and, therefore, had no business to comment on Indian politics. Soni Razdan has finally decided to speak about her citizenship status, confirming that she indeed held a British passport.

Alia Bhatt

This was after Soni Razdan urged people to vote against hate in this year’s Lok Sabha polls. She wrote on Twitter, “Urging people to vote against hate has nothing to do with citizenship and everything to do with being a human being. We are all human beings first and citizens of the world we live in. Secularism and democratic principles are values and it’s those that I stand for. #VoteOutHate”

This prompted a right-wing troll to target her with insulting comments as he wrote, “Get lost British citizen …u have no place in India to preach.”

Far from being fazed, Soni Razdan replied, confirming that she indeed held a British passport but it did not prevent her from commenting on the malaise in Indian politics. She wrote, “I do actually. My father is Indian. Lived in India since I was 3 months old. Pay taxes. Hold an Overseas Citizen of India card. If my hard earned income is good enough to be used to better this nation then I have a right to voice my opinions too. #VoteOutHate.”

The debate on the citizenship status of certain Bollywood stars has gained momentum in this year’s parliamentary polls. Alia had told a newspaper recently, “Unfortunately, I can’t vote because I have a British passport.” A report by The Quint website had said that aside from Alia, Akshay Kumar too could not vote because he was a Canadian citizen.

These actors have what’s known as an Overseas Citizen of India card, which allows them to enjoy the same privileges as an Indian citizen with a few exceptions.



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