American TV host John Oliver lashes out at ‘die-hard Modi supporter’ Arnab Goswami, asks, ‘Who the fu** you think you are talking to?’


American late-night TV host John Oliver has lashed out at Arnab Goswami of Republic TV by calling him a ‘die-hard Modi supporter,’ who was also ‘the Tucker Carlson of India.’ Responding to Goswami’s rant against him in response to his show critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Oliver said, “A couple of weeks ago, we did a story about India’s prime minister Narendra Modi, which some die-hard Modi supporters like Arnab Goswami, the Tucker Carlson of India, did not enjoy. The first thing I got that he was not happy with me was in a promo for his upcoming show.”

John Oliver

In the Republic TV promo, Goswami could be heard saying, “Go, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself whether you are a motivated fool, consciously or unconsciously a fool or whether you are just malicious.”

After playing a part of the Republic TV promo, Oliver said, “I don’t know if you noticed that, but when he says ‘look in the mirror,’ this is what was in the mirror. That might not be me. That could be (American investment banker) Steven Mnuchin or Milhouse from The Simpsons or this one Owl…But in case you were thinking, it could have been someone else, his show cleared any confusion up.”

Oliver then played a segment of Goswami’s prime time show where he was seen lashing out at the famous American late-night TV host. The Republic TV founder said, “An ignoramus of exceedingly global proportion, a man whose only job is as a comedian. He’s not even smart enough to be a satirist. A person with absolutely no knowledge and who, I am told, has his good morning and good evening written out to him by his team of researchers. A British-American third-rate late-night TV host John Oliver, you embarrass yourself.”

Oliver said that he could agree with Goswami on his ‘ignoramus’ and ‘third-rate TV host’ jibes saying that ‘my researchers show me that’s actually a compliment.’ Oliver added, “I embarrass myself? Who the fuck you think you are talking to? I use HBO’s money to purchase and wear jeans that’s designed to give me a sweet peach on television and not only did I publicly release these photos to the world, but I put it on billboard to promote the show. That’s in Times Square right now…You can’t hurt me.”

Last month, Oliver’s ‘Modi episode’ was not uploaded by HBO’s India partner Hotstar, an on-demand platform owned by Star TV and Disney. Unfazed by Hotstar’s decision, Oliver said, “There’s no evidence that the Indian government made them do that. At best, we can tell Hotstar just decided to self-censor, which is still not good.”

In his Modi episode, Oliver had accused the Indian prime minister of ‘steadily escalating persecution of religious minorities’ in a reference to the countrywide protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act.



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