Amazon Prime Video’s Four More Shots Please actress Maanvi Gagroo body-shamed by fashion label, gets apology after protest and outrage


Amazon Prime Video’s Four More Shots Please actress Maanvi Gagroo expressed her outrage over being body-shamed by a fashion label, which used her photo to promote one of its outfits without her permission. Maanvi took to Twitter to lodge a strong protest, prompting the label to issue a public apology.

Maanvi Gagroo

The fashion label, House of Frett, had used a photo of Maanvi with a caption that read, “Styles to hide your curves.” This indirectly sought to body-shame Maanvi. An incensed actress took to Twitter to write, “I didn’t wear this dress to ‘hide my curves’. Not only does the brand NOT have my permission to use my picture as a sponsored post, they definitely don’t have my permission to fat shame ANYONE! I stand against everything this distasteful tagline points to.”

This also evoked angry reactions from social media users, most of whom felt that the fashion label had crossed limits by promoting body-shaming to sell its products. Faced with widespread condemnation, the label issued an apology and said that it was pulling down the controversial ad. It wrote, “We’re deeply apologetic that our brand misrepresented not only your celebrity but also our personal stand on issues of body shaming & body positivity. We are completely against any kind of shaming, on social media or otherwise. Our aim has always been to bring out the beauty of our customers and bring a smile to their face. This has been an oversight at our level and for that we are sorry. The said advert has been duly withdrawn.”

Maanvi was last seen in the Amazon Prime Video series Four More Shots Please, where her character often faced humiliation for being overweight.


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