“Agenda being run by Republic TV to vilify Rhea Chakraborty”: Another colleague drops bombshell on Arnab Goswami, resigns saying ‘journalism is indeed dead in Republic TV’


Another Republic TV representative has caused public embarrassment to Arnab Goswami by resigning from the pro-BJP TV channel, questioning the media ethics. Shantasree Sarkar, who joined Goswami’s pro-BJP channel three years ago, took to social media to announce that enough was enough as she accused Republic TV of running an ‘aggressive agenda’ to vilify Rhea Chakraborty, the former girlfriend of late Sushant Singh Rajput.

Sarkar wrote, “I am finally putting out on social media. I have quit #RepublicTV for ethical reasons. I am still under notice period but I just can’t resist today to throw light upon the aggressive agenda being run by #RepublicTV to vilify #RheaChakraborty . High time I speak out!”

Sarkar said that she was asked by her bosses to ‘take out details of everything but not truth’ while covering the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. “As I investigated, sources close to both families agreed #Sushant was suffering from depression. Of course it didn’t suit #Republic agenda. I was asked to investigate on financial angle in the case, the account details of #Rhea father was accessed, which didn’t get remotely linked to the agenda of siphoning of #sushant money for their two flats. Of course, this also didn’t suit the agenda!”

The former employee of Republic TV said that just when she was ‘dealing with the trauma of how wrong this story is getting reported and how a woman (Rhea Chakraborty) is shamed publically,’ she was ‘punished for not bringing out biased stories’ as she was allegedly made to work ’round the clock as a punishment.’ “I worked for 72 hours straight without rest,” she alleged.

Sarkar said that journalism was dead in Republic TV as she wrote, “Whatever stories I have done so far, I can proudly say, there was never any bias. When the time came for me to sell my morals to vilify a woman, I took a stand finally.”

Many, however, questioned why it had taken her three years to realise that Republic TV and Goswami were never about journalism.

Not too long ago, another Republic TV staffer quit protesting the media ethics pursued by Republic TV. Tejinder Singh Sodhi had made the announcement of his resignation from Republic TV with a scathing tweet.

Sarkar’s resignation came on the day, the Narcotics Control Bureau arrested Rhea for procuring drugs for Sushant Singh Rajput.


  1. The truth is gradually being exposed, the pimp that Arnab is protected by his spinsor for willfull gains is a shame on journalism,, no ethics,, this channel should be banned,, shame on the pimp,, he should be flogged in public

  2. The truth is because as a Bengali woman You were offended by the channel’s coverage of Rhea. I hv never seen a person saying bad abt previous employer.
    You are not a loyal person as you can share there previous stories anywhere.
    You did not feel that agenda is aggressive when u were working from June 2020 to sept but in sept u realised that the agenda ws aggressive.As far as everyone knows the behaviour was aggressive since day 1.Republic and times now are the only channels who are fighting for truth.Even in the case of SUNANDA this channel ws outstanding.



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