After Shweta accidentally shares intimate details in zoom meeting, ‘victim’ Pandit breaks internet; singer Shweta Pandit confused; Jaipur Police makes ‘intervention’


A day after a college girl named Shweta grabbed the headline due to her embarrassing gaffe, the victim of her error, Pandit, has triggered a meme fest on Twitter. It was Pandit, whose intimate details Shweta had unwittingly leaked during a college zoom meeting. With both Shweta and Pandit breaking the internet, singer Shweta Pandit has reacted sharing her confused state of mind even as the Jaipur Police took their own dig at the new internet sensation.

The Jaipur Police took to Twitter to write, “Don’t be like Shweta❗ From keeping the Mic off on a Zoom meeting to setting a Strong Password everywhere, both are important to protect your data and personal information. Stay cautious, stay safe. #JaipurPolice #Shweta #Pandit #ZoomCall #ZoomMeeting.”

Singer Shweta Pandit tweeted, ‘Meanwhile me: I have no idea why am I trending worldwide #Shweta #Pandit.” The singer then used the opportunity to urge her fans to listen to her song, adding that her mic was on.

Meanwhile, netizens have launched another meme fest sympathising with Pandit, whose intimate details have now been shared with more than a billion people by his friend Shweta through a zoom meeting.

In the viral video, a girl can be heard speaking to someone on the phone as she fervently shared her intimate stories with her friend. Her embarrassed classmates repeatedly and desperately shouted, “Shweta your mic is on.” But this had little effect as she kept going into more intimate details, leaving her friends more embarrassed.

One friend had even suggested that someone should call her to alert her that her intimate stories were being heard by 111 participants, but this too had no impact. It seems the girl was under the false impression that muting her laptop would mute the online Zoom class too.


  1. this is so terrible for that girl Shweta. I hope she doesn’t take a drastic step like suicide due to this embarrassment.


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