After Salman Khan’s revelation on secret child, now Paras Chhabra heaps public humiliation on Arhaan Khan about claims on Rashami Desai’s bankruptcy


In a dramatic development, Paras Chhabra will return to the Bigg Boss house to cause mayhem as he will be seen spilling the beans on Arhaan Khan’s claims that Rashami Desai was bankrupt with zero balance in her bank account. If the promo broadcast by Colors TV is anything to go by, Arhaan will have to face more public humiliation with regards to his relationship with Rashami. Last week, Salman had left him humiliated after revealing that Arhaan had a secret child from his previous marriage.

Arhaan Khan

The claims that Paras is referring to is Arhaan Khan’s conversation with Shefali Bagga who he had said that Rashami Desai was on the road with zero bank balance till he came to her rescue. Arhaan had told Shefali, “When I met Rashami there was zero balance in her account. She was on the road.” He had added, “Only I know how I managed to help her out and make her what she is now.”

Paras gathered the housemates to share his observations about individuals. He said that nobody was honouring friendship in the house it was deplorable to see how everyone had ganged up against two women namely Mahira Sharma and Shehnaaz Gill whilst he was away for medical treatment. To substantiate his claims he referred to Arhaan’s controversial revelations about Rashami’s financial condition.

Reacting to Arhaan’s claim, Siddharth had said mockingly, “So, Rashami had zero balance in her bank account and she showed that to him and he helped her.” Paras had said that he will tell Rashami about Arhaan’s claims.

Upon his return, Paras and Vishal Aditya Singh will be locking horns. Paras is seemingly not happy over Vishal’s closeness to his ‘friend’ Mahira Sharma in his absence. Vishal was seen hugging and kissing Mahira while Paras was away.


  1. Hoping to see paras barbarian fight with mayira sharma…
    BIGG BOLLS full of cheating.
    Paras and Sid was said to be not well. But both gossiping and laughing away every single minute.
    Hello BIGG BOLLS, u think ppl are blind or dumb like u??



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