After police complaints against Farah Khan and Raveena Tandon, now petition launched demanding removal of Bharti Singh from The Kapil Sharma Show


Days after police complaints in Maharashtra and Punjab against actress Raveena Tandon, choreographer-director Farah Khan and comedienne Bharti Singh, an online petition has been launched demanding the removal of the latter from The Kapil Sharma Show. A petition on has demanded, “FIRE Bharti Singh from ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.”

Bharti Singh

The petition, already signed by more than 12,000 people, reads, “The entire world was celebrating Christmas in December, when three Bollywood actors made a mockery of the biblical word ‘Hallelujah’ (God be praised uttered in worship or as an expression of rejoicing) on a show called ‘Backbenchers’. I urge everyone to please sign this petition to stop religious mockery! ”

The three entertainment artists were accused of hurting the religious sentiments of the Christian community on the eve of Christmas. They faced nationwide condemnation for making fun of the religiously pious word Hallelujah in a programme called Backbenchers. Bharti had also wrongly spelled Hallelujah on a blackboard.

Three FIRs were filed against them. The first police complaint was filed in Punjab’s Amritsar followed by another in the Ferozpur district of the same state. The third FIR was filed in Maharashtra’s Beed district. Angry Christians had also staged protests in some places in Punjab and Jammu.

Faced with condemnation, the three had to issue unconditional apologies. Farah had written in her apology note, “I’m extremely saddened that some sentiments have been inadvertently hurt by a recent episode of my show. I respect all religions, n it would never be my intention 2disrespect any.On behalf of the entire team, Raveena Tandon, Bharti Singh and Myself.. we do sincerely apologise.”

Bharti’s apology had read, “From the bottom of my heart I would like to say Sorry to my Christian brothers and sisters for hurting their sentiments.Thank you YOUR EMINENCE CARDINAL OSWALD for personally hearing my apology in the voice note(as I’m not in the country)& forgiving me.?? Yours Truly,Bharti Singh.”

Last week, even Raveena had apologised after she took to Twitter to write, “Please do watch this link. I haven’t said a word that can be interpreted as an insult to any religion. The three of us (Farah Khan, Bharti Singh and I) never intended to offend.”


  1. Cheap mimicry by 3 idiots, they know Christian’s are peace loving community that’s why they tried their mimicry on Christian’s. If they have guts let them do mimicry on Hindu and Muslim God after they will never do mimicry in their life. Bharti Singh should be thrown out of the Kapil Sharma show.

    • Hindus are do not oppose Like others in India from.movies to song many time their show Hindu culture in bad light but we don’t react as Jo each hai badlega Nahi Jo jai Nahi laakh dikhao bikega Nahi.

  2. Bharti singh should be removed from kapil Sharma show and she should not be invited or have any part in any show the word hallelujah is not a joke and raveena tondon and Farah khan were wrong to laugh and take part of what she was saying

  3. Christians are followers of Jesus Christ who forgave even those who killed Him. He said we are to forgive even up to 7 x 70 times. After these dear ladies have apologised, it is not right of us who are followers of Christ to hold it against them. Christ came into the world to forgive sinners and we are all in need of God’s forgiveness. As the Bible says “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” Its a shame if we can’t forgive them.

    • Jesus christ ne maaf jaroor kiya logon ko but har baat ki ek seema hoti hai , bible ke pavitra words par jaane ko kisne bola , padhe likhe log hokar aisa kaam karenge toh baaki ke log bhi kal ko kisi bhi dharm ke pavitra word ko lekar mazak banane lagenge jo ki acceptable bilkul nahi hai…
      Yeh harkatein batati hai ki kis tarha ki manners in actresses ko mili hai ghar se jo aise neech panti main utar aayi.

    • I agree.. I pray Lord Jesus forgives them just like He did forgive us! But may everyone realize from this that noone is supposed to joke about the ALMIGHTY LIVING GOD JESUS CHRIST, my LORD AND FATHER GOD SAVIOR!! ❤ ✝ ?

  4. Chuck Bharti Singh our of the kapil Sharma show I used to think of her that she is v grounded, but she has done the most cheap act by laughing on our heavenly word,the word of angels..and when she was making stupid meaning of it these two most cheap dumb ladies Farah n Raveena were laughing their head of made a joke out of our v holy word…don’t allow All of these three ladies in any public appearance (GHAR PAR BETH KAR ROTIYA BANAO OR PATI KI SEWA KARO BASS)jab pata hi Nani hai Bahar nikalkar kese behave karte hain kese bolte hain to ghar par hi rahna achha hai ……teeno ka….u three of u gonna pay for ur most most stupid act .. if authorities can’t do any thing about it but LORD IS NEVER EVER GONNA FORGIVE U …….remember that.

  5. I believe it was very wrong of all 3 to have made a mockery of the religious word. However, they have apologised, and by dragging the matter, what do you hope to achieve!?
    Also, have you never committed any sins in your life, are you a ‘perfect’ being? No, I thought not. Therefore, who are you to say God won’t forgive. God is forgiving and if humans can’t show mercy and forgiveness to His creations, then how can you expect to be forgiven for wrongs you’ve done in your life, Shweta?! It’s easy to throw stones on other’s.

  6. Entertainment is good, but not at the cost of offending any Religion. Bharati Singh was the worst. Self respect is the most important thing one should possess.
    Shame on the SCRIPT WRITER for taking this delicate topic/word for a joke.
    Farah could have used some common sense. Raveena was not too bad.


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