After likening Narendra Modi to ‘pickpocket,’ Rahul Gandhi borrows lines from Raj Kapoor’s song to launch #BechendraModi attack


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday took to social media to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling him ‘Bechendra Modi.’ This came just days after he likened the prime minister to a pickpocket.

Rahul Gandhi

Borrowing a line from a famous Bollywood song from Raj Kapoor’s Dharam Karam, Gandhi wrote in Hindi, “#BechendraModi is selling out the country’s PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) among his suited-booted friends that took years of hard work to build. This is a moment of huge uncertainty and fear for lakhs of PSU workers. I am standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the workers in their opposition to this loot.”

Gandhi also posted an illustration showing Modi as someone, who was trying to sell PSUs and the country. His caption read, “Ek Din Bik Jaaye Ga Mati Ke Mol (One day you will be sold as cheap as the value of soil).”

Gandhi has suddenly increased his aggression against PM Modi as people vote in Maharashtra and Haryana to choose a new government next week. Both states have BJP governments under Devendra Fadvanvis and Manohar Lal Khattar respectively.

Earlier this week, Gandhi had slammed the Centre’s Narendra Modi government after a new report showed how India had slipped below Pakistan and Bangladesh on the global hunger index. The Congress MP from Wayanad had written, “India’s #GlobalHungerIndex ranking, falling steadily since 2014, has now crashed to 102/117. This ranking reveals a colossal failure in Govt policy and blows the lid off the PM’s hollow “sabka vikas” claim, parroted by Modia.”

Gandhi had also likened Modi to a pickpocket, who diverted people’s attention before carrying out his theft. “Modi is the loudspeaker of (industrialists) Adani and Ambani. Just like a pickpocket who distracts people before stealing, his only job is to divert your attention so that he can pass your money to select industrialists,” news agency PTI had quoted him as saying.


  1. Absolutely correct Modi is great. Please stop calling Mr Modi he Dr Modi for me who has openly taught me to tell lies & fake things uncultured PM of India.


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