After controversy, Salman Khan changes attitude towards Karanvir Bohra in Bigg Boss show


Saturday night’s Bigg Boss show was interesting in several ways as Salman Khan made an expected appearance to host Weekend Ka Vaar show. The actor singled out Deepak Thakur and Megha Dhade for their poor beheaviour in the week gone by.

Salman Khan

But the noticeable difference in Salman’s attitude was towards Karanvir Bohra, whose wife Teejay Sidhu had recently slammed him for being mean towards her husband. Although, Salman had expressed his displeasure to Teejay’s public outbursts last week, on Saturday Salman appeared very kind towards Karanvir, also known as KV.

On one occasion, Salman praised KV’s blue checkered jacket before highlighting how he was the brainchild behind last week’s captaincy task. It was KV, he added, who had managed to convince Rohit Suchanti to play for the red team even though the latter had been shortlisted to represent the blue team. Rohit’s sudden shift in loyalty had become the reason for the red team consisting Sreesanth, Dipika Kakar, Jasleen Matharu and Megha to lose the task.

The third and the last time Salman praised KV on the show was towards the end when he was announcing the names of contestants who were safe this week from eviction. After announcing that Deepak and Dipika were safe, Salman turned his attention towards KV and asked him to guess the next contestant, who was safe from elimination this week. When KV struggled, he gave him a hint, “he’s a gabru (fit and muscular).” He asked KV, ” Who’s gabru here?” KV replied, “I think its Rohit.”

This prompted Salman to address Somi Khan and tell her to inform ‘uncle’ KV that he was safe. Salman addressing him as fit and muscular in a complimentary manner brought the much-needed smile on KV’s face.

Salman’s attitude was in sharp contrast with how he had lashed out at him last Saturday. A visibly angry Salman had told KV that his wife had written an open letter accusing him of insulting her husband. 

He asked KV, “Do you feel bad when you and I interact on this show? Your wife has written an open letter alleging that I humiliate you during our interaction on the show.” Salman also said that he will not talk to him in future on the show. He said, “Let’s do one thing. After today, I will have any interaction with you here.”

KV replied, “Salman bhai, I am ashamed if Teejay has written such a letter.”

Moments later, KV was seen speaking to the camera expressing his disgust on Teejay’s open letter. He was heard saying, “Tee why would you do that? You know my relations with Salman bhai and Salim Uncle.” He then asked Bigg Boss to allow him to speak to his wife to gain clarity on the controversy.


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