After compared with frog, Sambit Patra now trolled for announcing that he voted for ‘development’


BJP’s national spokesperson Sambit Patra is back in news after he returned from Odisha to cast his vote in Delhi, whose seven seats went to polls on Sunday. Patra, who ran a high-octane campaign for himself in Odisha’s Puri parliamentary constituency, shared a photo of his inked finger on Twitter to announce that he had voted. Little did he realise that his announcement will make him a prime target of incessant trolling.

Sambit Patra

Taking to Twitter, Patra shared his photo as he flaunted his inked finger. His photo was captioned as “I have voted for development Have you …”

No sooner did he share his photo, Twitterati began to ask Sambit Patra if by ‘development’ he meant that he had voted against the BJP since the BJP’s campaign in this year’s elections has been in the name of nationalism and religious polarisation.

Meanwhile, Sambit Patra also lashed out at Congress leader and Punjab minister, Navjot Singh Sidhu for allegedly ridiculing his surname. He wrote, “Sidhu ridicules my surname saying ..वो कौन है पटरा टटरा ..ओह हो पात्रा ..मेंढक की तरह टर टर …He could always target me ..but why a “Odiya” surname? ..can he do the same with surnames of any other state ..NO ..just because Odiyas are simple people ridicule even their surnames?”


His subsequent tweet asked if Sidhu will ever make fun of Italian surname. He wrote, “He will dare not say वो कौन है “Maino” ..faino ..Ohh Antonio Maino..Rather He will ridicule Indians calling them “Kale Angrez” & Indian Surnames …सिंधु जी हिम्मत है तो एक बार इटालीयन surname का मज़ाक़ उड़ा के दिखाओ तो जाने ..” His sarcasm was aimed at the Italian name of UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

Sidhu had recently compared Patra to a frog as he told reporters, “What’s his name? Tinku Tatra or Patra, that frog who keeps doing trr, trr but a koel keeps quiet. Why give him importance?”


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