After brazen biases for Siddharth Shukla, Bigg Boss caught defaming Asim Riaz? Punjab’s Katrina Kaif provoked against Siddharth


After weeks of allegations of brazen biases in favour of Siddharth Shukla, Bigg Boss is now facing extraordinary allegations of defaming one of its contestants prompting many to question just how low the makers of the reality show will stoop. This was after the eagle-eyed among social media users detected at least three instances broadcast in the last few days to highlight how the makers of Bigg Boss had desperately tried to defame one of its own contestants. It’s not a coincidence that Asim was one of the contestants who Siddharth had physically assaulted during this season. Far from evicting Siddharth from the show for breaking the rules, the makers had even allegedly forced Salman Khan to defend Siddharth, who was allowed to raise his voice in front of the Bharat actor.

What has now triggered an intense social media debate was the use of language by Bigg Boss in one of its promotional videos during Wednesday night’s episode. While plugging a video of Asim Riaz’s conversation with Shefali Bagga, Rashami Desai and Madhurima Tuli, Bigg Boss asked if Asim was trying to fire Shefali Jariwala by placing the rifle on someone else’s shoulder. One fan wrote, “I noticed from past 3 days that #bb13 is trying to defame asimriaz 1.they showed twisted promo of Sid crying due to Asim 2.asim plotting dirty but it was usual conversation 3.asim “dusro ke kandho pe banduk rakh Goli chla rha he”

Twitter handle The Khabri wrote, “I have never witnessed most biased season in the history of @biggboss Its really shameful and it has degraded the level of show.”

In another promo broadcast on Wednesday night, Bigg Boss asked if rival contestants were trying to cause fissures in Siddharth’s relationship with Shehnaaz, also known as Punjab’s Katrina Kaif. It remains to be seen if it was another hype created by the makers to boost the TRP.


  1. Horrible season is of Big Boss 13. Completely biased for Siddharth shukla and team. Whatever they do say is welcomed and all in rules. But just 1 word said by opposite team is abusing, and what not. Ridiculous. Just remove 2 – 3 persons from siddharth shukla team and see the difference.

  2. Shameless shehnaz and arrogant siddhartha sheila are who the makers are promoting..maybe those are the kind of people they want in television industry playing big honorable characters in serials and in real life are such hypocrites…india is progressing ??????

  3. Y defame shukla..he never involves himself in others fight.his fights are only in defence of himself. Sidnaz jodi is,the highlight of the show..nobody is,interested in fights..all v want is more of sidnaaz…footage.

  4. Guys sidhart is awesome u know. Actually the thing is that he is the target of every contestants except Shehnaz,Mahira and Paras. Every one knows about his temperament bt still every body poke him and prove him to do something coz he is now controlling himself not to do any activity which is against BB rule but this change of his is not digested by the other contestants coz they are not showing in the camera. So they started poking and provoking sidharth by intentionally taking his name in each and every conversation. But sidharth is sidharth no one can break him. And i like his friendship with Paras and Mahira which really a genuine frienship i can see it. Siddharth you are killing it brother. Don’t feel any guilty coz you are write and whatever you have said to the other contestants you always justified your words everytime in weekend ka waar..keep going and don’t break ur friendship with paras and mahira..All The Best..

  5. sid is real king.not target anybody
    .asim provike boht hi gunda bolta ha uska face dekho toba toba.
    asim start karta ha humesha family pa jana pehle

  6. Gandagi ka dhair Paras & baday honton walli battaq / chipkali Mahira was supposed to be eliminated long time but BB cancelled the elimination that week when both of them were in bottom two and than again voting line was closed when again Paras was nominated and open the voting line straight as soon as they took him out. Since than I also have stopped watch this stupid BB13 show which is running around Bigg Boss’s boss Sidhart Shukla who is the TOP class gandagi ka keera. I think people waisting there time now watching this show I instead have started watching Kapil Sharma show even old episods at least he is not bias with any one in his show.

  7. Where is fair BB show.Sid is covering Shenaz and Paras playing friendship with it Daily show?unnecceserily boring to see this 4.Biased show.not Big Boss show.its Siddarth Show?

  8. big boss is partial wth Sid n I think it’s high time they should take action against him for his impulsive nature n so is Myra who when open her mouth speaks rubbish n comments on others…she should see wat she doing wth paras? first peep wthin…big boss team wanna clear win Sid shukhla who is a shot n thrown out of d show

  9. Okayyy!!! Going on to the facts , don’t u guys (team Siddharth) think not even a single thing has shown against siddharth and instead every single line by salman and promos favours siddharth so as he can gain sympathy ( he only deserves hatred) and in fact the boy asim who is standing great against shukla is being cornered in every promo mot even siddharth who ever is in his favour are being saved ( last evictions were arhaan bhau himanshi who all were against him ) damn man it’s very irritating to watch bigg boss and can anyone plz answer when he was captain he was given the power to evict the contestents he wanted , he was sent to the secret room where he was able to see everyone’s gameplan they were also given chance to save his friend from eviction even when she(mahira) did nothing in the task (footage task) and no one questioned them for that , paras was also saved by bigg boss , siddharth shouted in front of salman, when salman was scolding siddharth he was stopped and many many more . Pta nhi kya kya ho rha h yrr


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