After biases for Siddharth Shukla, Salman Khan faces bombshell from Janhvi Kapoor’s father Boney Kapoor on deteriorating relationship


Salman Khan has recently been in the news all for the wrong reasons after he faced brutal trolling on social media for his brazen biases in favour of Siddharth Shukla. Now Janhvi Kapoor’s producer father Boney Kapoor has dropped a bombshell by revealing that his relationship with the Bharat actor had deteriorated.

Speaking to news agency IANS, Boney Kapoor acknowledged that it was Salman who was kind enough to take the former’s son under his wings, but the two did not enjoy the same cordial relationship now.

“Arjun always wanted to become a film director and that is why I had no plan to launch him, like a new hero. That was not our plan at all. But one day, I got a call from Salman saying Arjun should try his hand in acting because he has all the elements to become one. So, Salman took Arjun under his wings and groomed him,” Boney Kapoor told IANS.

He continued, “Unfortunately, my relationship with Salman is strained now, but initially Salman encouraged Arjun to get into acting. I owe this to Salman.”

Boney, however, did not explain the reasons why he had fallen out with Salman.

Arjun is rumoured to be dating Malaika Arora, Salman’s former sister-in-law. Malaika and Salman’s brother Arbaaz had ended their 17 years of marriage in 2017.

According to some reports, Arjun Kapoor and Salman Khan had their cars stopped at a traffic signal next to each other but the two refused to share pleasantries.

Salman is reportedly unhappy with Arjun for his decision to date Arbaaz’s ex-wife.

Salman faced brutal condemnation after he announced Siddharth Shukla the winner of this year’s Bigg Boss. The reality show also undermined his stature as he was seen to be acting weak before a little-known TV actor after Siddharth once showed the Bollywood megastar his place on national TV. There were at least two instances when Siddharth proved why he was bigger than Salman, who looked visibly frightened to act against the former’s violent and abusive behaviour.

The just-concluded Bigg Boss show punctured the myth around Salman being all-powerful in Bollywood.


  1. Sallu was never powerful. He was always a weak and frightened kid. There is no strength in his huge steroid muscles. In 1995, he was beaten up by a few locals on a beach in Vasai during the shooting of Khamoshi. It is just a coincidence that Vivek had bad acting skills due to which his career did not take off. Sallu had neither influenced any producer to not sign Vivek nor was he in a position to do so. Azhar snatched away Sangeeta, Abhishek snatched away Aishwarya, Ranbir snatched away Katrina while Arjun snatched away his family’s izzat from him but poor Sallu could not do a thing about it. I really feel sorry for that guy. Sallu is not biased and he has never favoured Siddharth. He just got scared when Siddharth raised his voice.

  2. Hahaha.. Depicting your frustration against Salman is great but he is superior than others…U people need to see urself in mirror…Hahaha….SK is the best and he doesn’t afraid from anyone. Sid is won becoz of his tremendous skills. So better to keep mum becoz Chuslet Asim is the looser and world no. 1 pokers…I am giving upadhi of Pokers…Now u people r happy…At least got an achievement…

  3. Janta ka reporter why u so jeolous with siddharth and salman who are you least known reporter stop spreading jealousy and fake news .. janta ka reporter u r flop total flop..

  4. Why r u jealous if Siddharth won why r u talking nonsence shukla deservrs thats why he won. Salman is a good host noone can replace him. So pl shut your mouth don’t talk nonsense. Understand u better sta

  5. May be Sidhart beg for trophy and as usual colors tv channel gained the fame of worst channel. Surprised for Salam not standing for right thing and went for wrong decision may be because of his money getting from colors. At the end Salman loose his fame because of TV actor who was not known to anyone. Shame

  6. Saw BB 13 finale on 15th Feb 2020, Saturday.

    It seemed Salman was dying to make Siddharth Shukla the winner.

    Now, if Siddharth Shukla is a man enough, then he should definitely return his cup & money to the show.

    As far as Salman’s concerned, I have already stated ‘Spineless Salman’.

    Friends, we all have to come together to boycott such shows in future.

    Salman calls himself a ‘truthful person’. Where did his truthful nature gone, amidst all the manipulation & favoritism.

    Doesn’t he know anything about it?

    Manisha Sharma, the creative head, is Siddharth Shukla’s present girlfriend. So, obviously why would she want him to lose.

    Shame on Colors TV!!!
    Shame on Endemol!!!
    Shame on Bigg Boss Show!!!


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