Actress Mouni Roy defies rules set by India’s richest family during son Akash Amabni’s wedding, fails


Mouni Roy may not be a huge name in Bollywood, but she showed the courage to take on the richest man of India, Mukesh Ambani, during the wedding function of his son Akash Ambani last month. As more details emerge, Mouni was incensed by the Ambani family’s diktat to have every celebrity guest’s mobile phone disabled by sticking a security tag on it.

Mouni Roy

As part of the rule, celebrity guests of Akash Amabni’s wedding with Shloka Mehta were expected to hand over their phones to security guards so that they could tag them with stickers, thereby disabling them. A report by entertainment website said that Mouni refused to comply with the rule and threatened to walk out of the wedding.

Mouni was hired by the Ambanis to perform on all four nights of the wedding celebration. The report said that the angry actress even threatened to not perform if her phone was disabled. “Mouni was not at all comfortable with her phone being locked, but, the condition was applicable to all the guests at the party and hence she had to agree to it,” the website quoted a source as saying.

Mouni, who shot to fame through her popular TV drama Naagin, even removed the tag from her phone after she reached the green room. This set the alarm off, prompting the security guards to intervene. She agreed to put the sticker back only after a lot of persuasion by officials working for the Ambanis.

Mouni reportedly removed the sticker once again, eliciting an angry response from the officials. It was here that Mouni allegedly threatened to not perform at the wedding. However, since she had been made the full payment in advance, she had little option but to comply with the wedding rules.

The Mouni Roy episode shows that you clearly don’t mess with the richest family of India.




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