Actor Siddharth takes potshot at Akshay Kumar’s Canadian citizenship; writes to Donald Trump


Actor Akshay Kumar on Friday became a topic of intense social media conversation after he made a revelation about his citizenship. Hours after saying on a TV channel that he only had an honourary citizenship of Canada, he took to Twitter to finally reveal that he indeed held a Canadian passport. Now actor Siddharth has taken a dig at Akshay Kumar for his confession.

Akshay Kumar

This was after many wondered how a Canadian of Indian origin could be hired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to conduct his ‘non-political’ interview.

Siddharth, who is known for his forthright views on politics and social issues, has asked US President Donald Trump if he wanted him to conduct a non-political interview of him as he seeks re-election to office. He wrote sarcastically, “Hey @realDonaldTrump since you’re getting ready to be re-elected soon, might I suggest an interview with me during your elections? I have crucial questions about how you eat fruit, your sleep and work habits and also your cute personality. I have an Indian passport. DM me please.”

Akshay Kumar’s interview had evoked plenty of criticism with many wondering if the actor was paid a hefty sum to help Modi during this year’s Lok Sabha polls. The famous Bollywood actor had also used his social media pages to promote his ‘non-political’ interview with Modi. Experts had slammed the exercise arguing that not only did this mislead the voters but this also affected the level playing field for the non-BJP parties, who did not get similar help from a popular Bollywood star.


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