Actor Randeep Hooda announces ‘Royal Roosters’ Polo Club in Gurgaon


Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda, who participates in professional sports like polo and show jumping, announced on Friday about the launch of a Royal Roosters Polo Club in Gurgaon.

Randeep’s polo team Royal Roosters, which was established last year in October, has also got a makeover. Starting from the logo to the new jersey, which is now maroon, brown and blue, the team also has ten new players on board.

The logo of the team is now a rooster in its full regalia.


Explaining the look of the logo, the Highway actor, who is the brand ambassador of Royal Rooster, said here: “For the last eight months, we have been working at giving the team a makeover. It’s a rooster in its full regalia turning around and saying ‘Well, you watch out!’ (after scoring the winning goal).”

Talking about his role in Royal Roosters Polo Club, Randeep, 39, said: “Everybody likes horses, but how do you access them? So I’m trying to bridge that gap…that is the main aim that I am trying to achieve.”

Considering that Indian sports shenigans are opening up to sports other than cricket, should one expect a polo league soon in the country?

Randeep responded in the affirmative, but said it would depend on the Indian Polo Association, which is run by the government.

“You should expect a polo league… we are in all kind of talks with other teams and big players in the polo industry. We are going to have a league sooner or later.It is under the Indian Polo Association which is run by the government…the people responsible keep changing, so the proposal does not get completed. But we are hoping that sooner or later we will be able to crack that,” he concluded.



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