Aamir’s biggest birthday wish is to buy his mother her ancestral home in Varanasi


Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist, Aamir Khan, turned 51 on Monday and the actor chose to hold a formal media interaction to speak his mind on almost everything.

Recalling the controversy over his intolerance remarks, Aamir said that those who targetted him were already biased against him.

He said, “What’s important is to remain positive and not get affected by the negativity. People who questioned me (on intolerance comments) were already biased towards me. I don’t react to that, no matter what you do people will raise question.”

Aamir said that he was not a politician just because he was in public spotlight.

He said, “Just because actors are popular doesn’t mean politics is natural outcome. One must have passion for it to get into it. You have to have love,sensitivity, towards society, family and work to help others.”

He said that he valued and respected ‘the 27 year old relation I share with my viewers.’

The actor, who was in the US  for last three weeks said he had been spending his time by ‘just sleeping eating, sleeping and working out.’

Aamir said that his biggest wish today was to buy his mother her ancestral home in Benaras




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