A small note why we didn’t carry Pakistani actor’s video insulting PM Modi


Many of you have asked us why we didn’t carry the short video by Pakistani bold actor Qandeel Baloch insulting Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

We came to know about the video two days ago but after having watched it, we took a considered editorial call not to broadcast it from our platform.

We did so because it was in poor taste and there was no editorial value in it.

I’m sure, carrying that video would have increased our web traffic and social media numbers, but that’s not why jantakareporter.com came into being.

In fact, we are appalled that many big media outlets in India have carried that video prominently.

Questioning Prime Minister on policy and governance forms a core duty of media, but giving platform to a despicable video by a little-known actor from neighbouring country is not journalism.

The choice of words by the actor in the video is in extremely poor taste and doesn’t merit a place on a platform like ours. Hence the decision.

Journalism mustn’t ever fall victim to differences of ideas and cheap sensationalism.


  1. Sure! If anything despicable is said by jihadis (which is aplenty) you will censor it out. But if Modi even makes one statement, you jihadis will twist and make it communal. Anyways, you jihadi supporters media are not new, you are just like the jihadis in scroll , wire etc etc

    • You RSS/BJP Chaddis can never be satisfied, If that video had beep posted here, you Sanghis would be howling that such defamatory videos about your great Feku being posted means that this site is anti-national/jihadi/catholic/communist etc.


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