A Bollywood biopic planned on Sanjay Gandhi


It seems the Bollywood is falling in love with the series of biopic with a movie being worked out on the life of Sanjay Gandhi, the son of Indra Gandhi, who had died in a plane crash.

The National award winning director Hansal Mehta is all set to make this biopic on Sanjay Gandhi, if the report published in Hindustan Times is true. The movie will be based on the details published in Vinod Mehta’s book.

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Talking about his movie Mehta said, “Sanjay Gandhi was one of the biggest forces of the phase during Emergency. I am attempting to retell the story of that era through the eyes of someone who was important, but still not as important. His mother (Indira Gandhi) was the Prime Minister [at that time], and she declared Emergency. And he was a fringe player, who was very important. ”

Mehta, however, added that he had not decided on the star cast for his planned movie on Sanjay Gandhi.

He added,”I have been told every time [I make a film] that there will be a lot of pressure. Around Shahid (2013), too, I was told that I will get calls, and will be threatened. It’s normal. What you should bother about is the story. People troll you and call you all kinds of names. It doesn’t affect me. It only means that my story has somewhere affected people.”

The last biopic Bollywood movie was ‘The Mountain Man’ starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, which received plenty of accolades both at the Box Office and among the film critics.



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