6 Short Hindi Films that are worth watching!


Avalokita Pandey

Short films are made in different languages across the world. Although some of these carry really good messages, most of them aren’t much popular among audiences.

Janta Ka Reporter brings you a timeless collection of the best Hindi short films. You can watch these new movies online. A must watch!

  • ‘Time’ by Aarti S. Bagdi produced by ‘Humara movie’ is based on a student’s immature but pure love for his teacher. This emotional video has amassed more than 29 lakh views. The video shows a doctor who is already done for the day but agrees to see a new patient after persuasion from his assistant. Watch this to know how that simple meeting turns out to be a life-fulfilling moment.


  • ‘Wedding Saree’ by Aniket Dhavale is yet another reality video which shows the negative consequences of arranged marriage where sometimes partners turn out to be exactly opposite. This short clip produced by Mantra Dreams is about a woman whose dreams turn into a nightmare when due to society norms, she is not allowed to withdraw from that marriage.


  • ‘Honest Indian Weddings’: This short film by AIB came in two parts and went viral soon after its release. It shows the double standards of our society. The dialogues are quite hilarious but depict reality. A must-watch for all those who are getting married to a stranger!


  • ‘Selfie’ is an Award winning short film by Aghaaz Productions. The story, screenplay and direction have been done by Ramchandra Gaonkar. The film is about a common man who is categorized just because of his clothes and appearance. It carries a strong message that anyone will respect you only if you respect yourself.


  •   ‘Haircut’ by Anand Tiwari and Sumeet Vyas is produced by ‘Humara movie’. This video, which has 18 lakh views showcases a simple man’s desire to get a hair-cut at a hi-fi salon and how that dream gets shattered. Ironically, he finds himself spending more than his budget and still does not find much difference in his appearance.


  • ‘3 Shades’:Written and directed by Vivek Joshi under Mothers Grace Productions, 3 Shades is a short inspirational video about the journey of an innocent boy during Republic Day. The video makes us question whether we are really free to do what we want to! The hungry and miserable expression of the child protagonist speaks it all.

All of these low-budgeted movies are made by starters who are probably only trying their hand on film-making. The best among them have also been screened at national and international film festivals.




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