5 unseen photos of Shloka Mehta prove why Nita Ambani’s daughter-in-law is too cool


Shloka Mehta, the daughter-in-law of Mukesh and Nita Ambani, has become a darling of netizens since her wedding to Akash Ambani in March this year. Her every move now is intensely followed by Mumbai’s eagle-eyed paparazzi. While everyone’s focus has been on Shloka’s classy appearance and her philanthropy, not much is known about the cool side of the Ambani bahu. 

Shloka Mehta,

Since her extravagant wedding to Akash Ambani, the heir to India’s richest industrialist family, curiosity on her past has only grown strong. Even though she dated her husband for over eight years, the couple never shared their escapades in the public domain.

We will share five photos of Shloka Mehta here that show that not only is she an embodiment of elegance and class, the new Ambani bahu also likes to chil outl just like everyone of us.

In this throwback photo of Shloka, she is seen dressed in holographic pants and a furry jacket. Taken during the couple’s pre-wedding celebrations in Switzerland, her husband too is seen reciprocating Shloka’s goofy pose with equal measure of intensity.

This wasn’t the only occasion, Shloka exhibited the fun side of her. In another photo, widely shared by her fan groups, Shloka was seen giving a similar pose. However, on this occasion, Akash wasn’t reciprocating but hiding his face to hide his blushes.

In another heartwarming photo, Shloka is seen hugging her husband from behind as both pose for the camera. It’s not clear when this photo was taken, but Shloka has worn plenty of jewellery. Either the photo was clicked during Isha Ambani’s wedding or one of Shloka’s own pre-wedding functions. Both Akash and Shloka look cool posing for the camera in dark glasses.

While in the Swiss alps for her pre-wedding function, Shloka did not forget to pose with her sister-in-law Isha. This photo also showed the great camaraderie the two share even before Shloka officially becoming a member of the Ambani family.

In another photo, Shloka is seen performing ballroom dance with Akash. Both gave serious couple goals as they danced before pausing to look at the camera.

A recent throwback photo of Shloka showed how she had broken into a happy dance with her driver after her family team Mumbai Indians won this year’s IPL trophy.


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