India’s daughter Neerja conquers nation’s hearts, people demand tax-exemption


Sonam Kapoor-starrer Neerja seems to have struck a right chord among the movie buff up and down the country, with positive reviews pouring in on the social media platforms.

While story itself is quite gripping, many have applauded the way Sonam has done justice to her character in the movie.

The movie is based on the tragic death of 23-year-old Neerja Bhanot, who died fighting to save the lives of others.

The movie is based on the last two days of Neerja’s life, who would have celebrated her 24th birthday on 7 September 1986 but died following the highjacking of Pan Am 73 from Karachi airport fighting to save the lives of 379 others.

So, in the end, it was her bullet-ridden body that returned to her family.

Shabana Azami is playing the character of Neerja (Sonam Kapoor), while while Tikku is seen in her father’s role.

From politicians to film critics, everyone gave rave reviews to the movie.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal wrote, “”Neerja” – one of the best movies I have seen in recent past. V inspiring movie. Its msg is – Live for others, die for others.”

Kejriwal wasn’t alone in praising the film. Most reviews have described the movie as must watch event.

Here are some of the reviews if you are still making up your mind on whether to watch the movie;

Indian Express: Minus the songs and the excessive schmaltz, ‘Neerja’ could have been outstanding. But still, the film holds, and hold us with it. Both Shabana Azmi and Tikku, as the parents hoping for the best and dreading the worst for their ‘Laado’ (Neerja’s ‘pet name’), are excellent. They shine a light on the tragically-cut-short life of their daughter, a true inspirational heroine whose deeds need more than a memorial. They need to be remembered. I came out of the theatre, wet-eyed. 

NDTV: If it is going to be just one Hindi film this week, make sure it is Neerja. It is a powerful story that tugs gently and delicately at the heartstrings. It does not go overboard on attacking the lachrymal glands. But when it does, it is bang on.

Bollywood Hungama: On the whole, NEERJA is a must watch ode to the youngest recipient of the highest civilian honour Ashok Chakra for displaying extraordinary courage and human kindness. It is a film that will make you stand up for what’s genuinely Right without bothering about nationality, religion, sex, cast or colour of the skin. Most importantly as a movie watching experience, you’ll be glued to the movie screen with tears and admiration welling up in your eyes. NEERJA is a movie that will make you a better person. Don’t miss it!

Miss Malini: Neerja’s mother’s monologue in the end is bound to make you weep uncontrollably. Shabanaji delivers a heart-touching performance that stays with you. But of course, it is Sonam as Neerja, who leaves an everlasting impact.

‘Zindagi badi honi chahiye lambi nahin, Babumoshai,’ says Neerja every now and then, quoting her favourite hero’s dialogue from Anand. And that’s the message that the film essentially gives you.

So please book your tickets and watch Neerja ASAP.

The reaction from social media users too have been pretty much the same.

Here are some reactions from twitter users:




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