Intolerant people, bereft of decency must not be allowed to exist on social media: Kapil Sharma


Comedian Kapil Sharma has slammed the arrest of his co-actor on the show, Comedy Nights With Kapil, mocking the police’s swiftness in arresting Kiku Sharda.

Sharda, known as Palak on the famous comedy show, was arrested in the early hours on Wednesday, taken to Delhi before being sent to 14-day judicial remand by a court in Haryana.

Kapil, arguably India’s biggest comedian, told India Today, “I was surprised to see the swiftness with which the police arrived at our sets, just when we were winding up our last ever shoots of the show. As far as I know, you have to send summon to alleged offender and arrest only when he doesn’t turn up at the court.

“So, I don’t know what was the hurry to arrest Kuki. He wasn’t going to run away. Also, I’ve seen the spoof on Gurmeet Ram Raheem Singh and I don’t think it warranted Kuki’s arrest.”

Kapil said that the social media were playing quite a dangerous role in whipping up sentiments leading people to become intolerant. He suggested that there should be tests for people to qualify as the users on Facebook and twitter.

He said, ” I get lots of flak from twitter users when I interview the celebrities they are fans of. They would ask me if I have edited certain portions of their celebrities deliberately (to make them look bad). Sometimes, I detect intolerance by social media users. And I think Facebook and Twitter should carry out tests for people to qualify as users on these platforms. People who lack mannerism and etiquette and are unable to carry out civilised conversations on social media mustn’t not be allowed to exist there”

Kiku’s arrest had sparked off national outrage with prominent voices demanding the Section 295 A to be repealed.

The actor was granted bail a Haryana court on late Wednesday evening.



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