Manoj Tiwari calls Aamir Khan traitor, twitter asks, ‘excuse me, who are you?’

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Just when the BJP desperately attempted to convince people that venom being spewed by its leaders was a thing of the past, Manoj Tiwari has just proved why the saffron party can never function without supporting the idea of intolerance in the country..

According to media reports, a little known regional singer turned politician, BJP MP Tiwari called the Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan a ‘traitor’ for his comments on religious intolerance in India.

At a parliamentary standing committee meeting on Friday Tiwari, an MP from Delhi, had said, “Aamir Khan is a traitor, he should be thrown out.”

Indian Express reported that how members of the Congress and the CPM in the standing committee meet were agitated over Tourism Secretary Vinod Zutshi’s refusal to provide details of the government’s decision to replace Aamir Khan with Amitabh Bachchan as the new face of Incredible India.

Khan, whose comments on religious intolerance had caused considerable embarrassment to Narendra Modi government, was ‘punished’ by being unceremoniously removed from Incredible India campaign as its mascot.

Tiwari’s comments have not gone down well on social media particularly on twitter with users slamming him for his ‘foolish’ description of a hugely respected icon of India.

However, Tiwari has since then denied ever making such comments. But it hasn’t made the social media users less hostile towards him.

Here’s a snapshot of twitter reactions;



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