Kajol: From Tanuja’s little daughter to one of Bollywood’s most elegant actresses


Dr Kouser Fathima

The release of Dilwale has brought back the memories of DDLJ, when the pairing of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol was at its best.

In the years to come, SRK went on to rule Bollywood but it is the journey of Kajol which fascinates me the most. From being Tanuja’s daughter to being the SRK’s best leading lady , Kajol has had a great journey.

When Kajol debuted in Bekhudi in 1992 , people were more interested in seeing Tanuja’s daughter. The film though was not a hit, but Industry had been gifted a talented actress.

It was Baazigar that actually brought Kajol in limelight. This thriller had everything unusual, a television actor as a male lead, a successful ramp model as the female lead and Tanuja’s little girl. It had an unusual story where the male lead was both the hero and the villain.

The lead actress gets killed by the hero and in the end even the hero dies. So movie goers began to wonder what Kajol was doing in such a movie, playing a second fiddle lead, but surprisingly Tanuja’s little girl stood out in this movie.

SRK became the new Bazigar of industry but Kajol won the heart of viewers. Later on, her pairing with SRK created magic in many movies with the most memorable being the DDLJ. Kajol paired with other heroes like Akshay Kumar , Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan and her future husband Ajay Devgan making her self as one of the most successful female actresses of her times.

Kajol with her unconventional looks created a niche in Bollywood on the strength of her acting skills. Not that Kajol is not beautiful but she sure didn’t possess the typical beauty standards of the industry.

Where other actresses were more concerned about glamour, Kajol carried herself with unparalleled grace  and confidence. She was one of the few actresses who would emote with her eyes. She didn’t need lengthy dialogues nor roles to be noticed.

Even the masala movies, where male lead was the dominating protagonist, she left her mark with she refusing to be overshadowed by their imposing stardom.

This young lady with her unconventional look definitely has had a mind of her own. Seldom has she minced words or shied away from expressing her likes and dislikes.

She got married to her beau Ajay Devgan at the peak of her career as the decision shocked the industry experts who immediately wrote her off.

However, she gave one of the biggest hits of her career, Khabhi Khushi Khabhi Gham,  upon making a ‘comeback’ post marriage. Even here Kajol as the loud mouthed, middle class Delhi girl was treat to viewers.

The scene, where she goes to ask for Amitabh Bachchan’s forgiveness for breaking his expensive vase has to be watched to know the caliber of Kajol. After the huge success of the movie, she announced her sabbatical, leaving everyone aghast with surprise.

She had again done the unimaginable, a married actress after being successfully accepted by the audience had again decided to take a break. She made a successful comeback once again with none other than the perfectionist Aamir Khan with the movie Fanaa proving to be a huge blockbuster.

When most actresses were concealing their relationships and keeping their wedding plans on hold for their career, we had Kajol walking out of the industry and returning at will.

Every time she was written off, she made a successful comeback both winning awards and the hearts of viewers . Although a great actress, she never tried to venture into any woman-centric movies or parallel cinema to prove her mettle. It was in the regular Bollywood masala movies that Kajol the star also emerged as a great actress.

We should not be surprised if SRK’s leading lady once again goes to create new history with Dilwale.


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