Muslim family made to leave Mumbai’s PVR theatre for not standing during national anthem


A Muslim family being made to leave a PVR cinema theatre in Mumbai has become a new subject of heated social media conversation with many questioning the rationale of playing the national anthem in a movie hall before the start of the film.

The video of Muslim family first being physically threatened before being forced to leave the theatre has gone viral now.

Watch the full video below.

User @DkDk1967 posted this on twitter at 10.40 pm on Saturday.

This triggered a new discussion on patriotism and whether it was appropriate to play the national anthem in the cinema halls.

Maharashtra government, through 2003 order, had made it mandatory for cinemas to play the anthem before every film, which made the audience take notice and stand up.

However, there’s no tradition of national anthem being played inside theatre outside Mumbai. Big Cinemas in Delhi though had played the anthem in the run-up to the Independence Days in the past.

Old residents of Delhi say that theatres even in the capital played the anthem in 50s and 60s, but the practice has been stopped for over 40 years now.

However, there have been instances in neighbouring areas of Delhi when cinemas were issued notices for playing the national anthem. A report published in Times in India says that the district administration of Panipat had issued a notice to Fun Cinemas and Mittal Mega Mall multiplex in 2009 for playing the anthem before a movie. Finding it a violation of Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971, laid down to ensure respect to the national anthem, the then deputy commissioner was quoted as saying, “Playing the national anthem inside the multiplex violated the rules of singing and playing of national anthem,” and the multiplexes were asked to discontinue the practice.


  1. You all are unpatriotic and may join aamir and kiran in leaving the country. Even in US national anthem is played before many events – in Disney land and all foreigners are also made to stand. Even I have seen muslims abiding the law there.

      • Never was intolerence seen or heard in the mainstream media so loud and clear,but ever since the BJP has come to power it would be naive and a grave error to call it a congress conspiracy, its already decimated , then whose behind causing such incidents, media is quick to catch these . At every incident occurying muslims and secular minded intelectuals have been at the recieving end as victims of hate and trolls against them and the attackers inevitably from the rulling party or its fringe affiliates. Apart from muslim bashing , non-muslim persay organizations are also facing the heat like FTII, OROP, Dalists, AAP in delhi, educational institutions , writers , artists etc, this is certainly one sided intolerance, victims cannot be victimisers, victims cannot be intolerent, the victimisers are!

          • You mean to say FTII students and OROP veterans,Dalits are chauvinists, writers, activists , actors and actoresses are feminists ! seems like youv’e just learnt these new words.

          • Hindutvavadis and their RSS mentors in the same sentence is like fascists pigs and fanatics in the same line to be more precise.

  2. According to the Constitution of India Article no. 51A(a) “Respecting national anthem is our Fundamental Duty” while enjoying your Fundamental Rights..Some people are arguing about the rationale of national anthem before going to start movie..ok..What is the problem with national anthem??? This is not related to any religion or caste..National anthem is equal for every “citizen”…People must know their Duties…If you are an Indian you must follow your fundamental duties otherswise dont enjoy the fundamental rights..On the otherside people should not talk to a family in such a manner and like a civilised person they should call the authority or police to deal the matter…After all feeling of Nationalism is running in our veins so we could not tolerate the INTOLERANCE…thank u

    Introduction to the Constitution of India – D.D.Basu

  3. Whatever happened..feel this is how riots start as the audience clearly took the law into their hands..the bald guy saying thapad maroonga is no patriot himself, especially when there were women and kids there with the the Muslim Gentlemen. You can uphold the law by being unlawful yourself?..that is the bigger joke and question


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