Farah Khan throws her weight behind Aamir Khan, says attacking him for his views is intolerance


Bollywood dance choreographer turned director, Farah Khan, has thrown her weight behind Aamir Khan in the raging debate on the intolerance in India.

Describing the attacks against Aamir Khan by right-wing elements intolerance, Farah Khan said, ‘We say there is no intolerance. But when somebody has a point of view, everybody jumps on him and attacks him which is the definition of intolerance. That is ironic. On one hand, we say we are not intolerant and one the other we say how dare you say we are intolerant.”

Aamir, in an interview during an awards ceremony on Monday, had recounted a conversation with his wife, who suggested him to move out of India because of the growing intolerance in the country.

Farah said that the debate over intolerance had left the whole country divided.

She said, “I don’t think industry itself is divided. The whole country is divided. It is a good thing that discussions happen and people are allowed to give their opinions. Those who are returning their awards have all right to return it. Mahatma Gandhi taught us how to do it peacefully and non violently. It is the person’s choice and preference. Discussions and debates should happen non-violently.”


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