150-year-old Archana Puran Singh: Kapil Sharma attempts to embarrass The Kapil Sharma Show judge with jibe on her exaggerated age, left speechless by guest’s wit


Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show was recently called 85-year-old ‘Sidhu eater’ by Sony TV host Kapil Sharma. This week, Kapil heaped more embarrassment on the veteran actress by implying that Archana was in fact 150 years of age. His jibe came during a conversation with corona warrior doctors, who Kapil had invited as his guests on the show. Later in the show, the famous comedian found himself at the receiving end when a guest decided to target him with a witty response.

Speaking to his doctor guests, Kapil said that the COVID-19 pandemic was so unique that he had never heard of it during his entire life. He said, “I have not heard in my 35 years of life. Archana (Puran Singh) ji too has said that she has not heard it in her lifetime. So, we are already talking about 150 years.”

Kapil’s joke left everyone in splits. As expected, Archana too found the joke too funny even though it was cracked at her own expense.

This is not the first that Kapil has targeted Archana by exaggerating her age. In one of the recent episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show, Kapil had said that Archana was 85 years of age. However, much to Archana’s comfort, a caller had come to her rescue, correcting Kapil that the veteran actress was, in fact, born in 1985. 

Kapil, however, had his own share of embarrassment on Saturday night as one of his guests left him speechless with his witty response. This was after Kapil asked his guests, both doctors, if they had anyone else in their families working in the medical profession. To which, one doctor replied, “Sir, we did not have a single doctor even amongst my distant relatives. My mother used to say that she will make her child a doctor. Those days, parents used to only talk about doctors and engineers.”

Kapil interrupted him to say, “This is precisely what happens even today.”

The guest replied, “No, this has slightly changed now. Now they say ‘we want to become actors and host comedy shows.”

This left Kapil speechless as he burst into laughter.

Archana had replaced Navjot Singh Sidhu as the judge of The Kapil Sharma Show, but her popularity soared exceptionally during the nationwide lockdown to fight coronavirus as her home videos began to go viral on a regular basis. This led to an extraordinary increase in her number of followers on Instagram, where she’s not far from reaching the one million mark.


  1. Kapil Sharma ko proud ho gaya hai , isiliye wo sabki insult karte hai khaskar Archna Puran Singh ki but Archna always maintain the dignity of the show


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