Takeaways from UpGrad’s Big Data Course and how it can skyrocket your career


We are living in an era of internet technology and computers. With evolving processes and ability to monitor them, capture and access to data has become easier. This data can provide superior insights into the workings of a business or a process. Hence, data collection and data processing have become critical under the present circumstances. It explains why the major companies and institutions in the world are concentrating on recruiting Data Scientists and Data Analysts. There is a great emphasis on students to complete a Big Data Course as a stepping stone towards attaining success in their careers. Upgrad in association with BITS Pilani, offers one of the best courses in Big Data Engineering. Let us see how this course can play a critical role in sky-rocketing your career to new heights.

What is Big Data Engineering?

To understand the concept of Big Data Engineering, you should have an idea of what constitutes Big Data. In simple terms, Big Data comprises a collection of complex data sets, especially from new sources. As these data sets are large in size, it is challenging for the conventional data processing software systems to manage and process them.

Big Data Engineering is about managing huge volumes, velocity, and variety of data, also known as the three Vs of Big Data. Big Data Engineering is a specialised course that requires the student to have sufficient knowledge and experience in software engineering. The student should be familiar with coding and testing patterns and object-oriented designs while having the expertise to work on open-source software platforms.

Big Data Engineers have the responsibility of building massive data reservoirs that are capable of storing voluminous and rapidly changing data streams. They should also know how to develop, construct, test, and maintain large-scale data processing systems and databases.

There is tremendous scope for Big Data Engineers in almost any field in the industry today. Therefore, you have more students opting for a Big Data Course such as the PG Program in Big Data Engineering offered by BITS Pilani in association with UpGrad.

What does the PG Program in Big Data Engineering offer?

The PG Program in Big Data Engineering at UpGrad is an 11 month course aimed at preparing high-quality data engineers to meet the rising demand in the industry. It introduces students to the essential elements and foundations of Big Data before proceeding to advanced topics like Batch Processing, ETL, and real-time data processing. Finally, the course goes into the details of Data Analytics and culminates in a hand-on Capstone project.

The advantage of this Big Data Course is that it provides hands-on training in Big Data tools like Hadoop, Apache Spark, Sqoop, Oozie, Storm, Flume, Kafka, Java, Scala, and Hive. Students get the benefit of expert coaching from high-quality lecturers of BITS Pilani and industry experts.

Who can take up this course?

As explained earlier, Big Data Engineering is a specialised course requiring the student to be adept at coding and other computer-software related activities. IT and Technology professionals, along with Project leaders and Managers in IT companies are the persons most eligible to take up this course. Java Developers and Professionals, along with Big Data Professionals, can also benefit from the PG Program in Big Data Engineering.

Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum work experience of 6 months. Working knowledge of Java is an additional qualification though not mandatory.

What skills you will learn?

This Big Data Course is a comprehensive one that goes deep into the details of all data-related activities such as Data Processing, Data Warehousing, Big Data Analytics, MapReduce, Real-time processing, and much more.

What are the career prospects?

A Big Data Engineer has tremendous demand in the industry. Almost every industrial sector, including the manufacturing, financial, pharmaceutical, automobile, and even the service sector needs Big Data Engineers. Some of the top hiring partners are Flipkart, KANTAR, Fractal, Gramener, and Zivame, among many others.

The Big Data Industry is growing in leaps and bounds and is tipped to become a $16 billion industry by 2025. A glance at the top online job portals like Naukri.com, Indeed, and LinkedIn reveals the ever-growing demand for Big Data Engineers. Glassdoor provides statistics about the salary structure of Big Data Engineers. The average salary of an entry-level Big Data Engineer is in the range of Rs 7.20 lakhs per annum. The salary at the lower end of the spectrum is in the range of Rs 6 lakhs, whereas highly-experienced Big Data Engineers in the top corporate companies earn more than Rs 10 lakhs per annum.

Software giants like Accenture and other companies have a high demand for data engineers and analysts. The sports industry is also an excellent place for Big Data Engineers to make a mark. With all the banks and financial institutions going digital, there is a tremendous demand for data collection and processing. Data Analysts are in high demand, and so are Big Data Engineers.

What makes the PG Program in Big Data Engineering a coveted one?

Many colleges and universities in India offer the Big Data Course. However, the PG Program in Big Data Engineering offered by BITS Pilani in association with UpGrad is several notches above the others. The single most advantage is that the course is conducted by none other than BITS Pilani, one of the most sought after educational institutions in India. Secondly, UpGrad has a tremendous reputation for providing high-quality courses in collaboration with BITS Pilani.

The Takeaways from this Course

  • This course is an online course, whereby you can do your post-graduate program without having to quit your current job. On the other hand, this course will enable you to move up the corporate ladder in your organisation.

  • Highly regarded industry experts come to teach the finer aspects of Big Data Engineering.

  • The comprehensive and rigorous curriculum has several live projects that enable to sharpen your skills and prepare you well to face future challenges in your career.

  • The peer-to-peer networking with like-minded professionals helps to develop your overall understanding of the subject and make you an expert in Big Data.

  • You get the chance to work with corporate giants like Uber, Microsoft, PWC, Genpact, and many more.

  • Completing this Postgraduate course enables you to get a career transition with an impressive salary hike of up to 90%.

UpGrad is committed to building careers of tomorrow. This PG Programme in Big Data Engineering is the best Big Data Course that can help to skyrocket your career prospects.

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