Problems of Indians in Gulf countries raised in Lok Sabha


The problems being faced by Indians in Saudi Arabia and some other Gulf countries were  raised in the Lok Sabha, with demands that the government of India should act fast to help them.

RSP member N K Premchandran raised the issue of some Indian citizens working in Abu Dhabi who are trapped at Ruwais Camp situated at 300 kilometres away from Abu Dhabi. “The company is not giving salary and other incentives to them for the last eight months.

The company is not providing amenities and it is reluctant to give their passports. The matter was reported to the local police, labour court and even to the Indian Embassy at Abu Dhabi. “But no positive action has been taken by the authorities till this date.

The Indian employees, including Keralites, are living in Ruwais Camp in pathetic condition,” he said. The RSP member said Indians are trapped at Abu Dhabi without salary and other benefits and their stay at Abu Dhabi is becoming illegal due to the inaction of the company.

“So this is a matter which requires immediate action for their repatriation. I urge upon the government, especially the Ministry of External Affairs, to initiate immediate action for the repatriation of the Indians at Ruwais Camp, Abu Dhabi,” he said.

CPI-M member P Karunakaran raised the issue some nurses working in Gulf countries. “All of a sudden they are being informed that there are no vacancies for nurses in those hospitals.

There is no reason for this. We have discussed this issue with Saudi Arabian government. The Government has to take this matter very seriously, particularly with the Gulf countries where the situation is very serious,” he said.

Referring to incidents in Saudi Arabia where around 10,000 Indians were on the verge of starvation, Congress member K C Venugopal wondered why Indian Embassy had no knowledge of the incident six months ago. “But our Embassy is not acting properly.

What happened in Oman? Around 77 nurses have been served with dismissal notices. In Saudi Arabia they are not even getting salary. They are stranded there. They are not getting food. Our Embassy there has to be alerted and then only the problem can be sorted out.

I would like to request the government to send a high level team to the Gulf countries to find out what is going on there,” he said. The Speaker, however, told Venugopal to appreciate the good works being done by the External Affairs Ministry in helping stranded Indians abroad.


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