Former information commissioner writes an open letter on Kejriwal’s working style


Former Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi has written an open letter to Delhi Chief Minsiter Arvind Kejriwal questioning his style of functioning and also accused him of believing ‘Arvind is AAP, and AAP is India’.

He said in a letter, “Many of your senior colleagues have left you, or been expelled. Among the five-member team which was to present the nation’s voice at the Lokpal bill negotiation team with five ministers, only you remain in solitary splendour.”

He said in the letter,”Your implied argument appears to be that they were not serving the interests of the nation. You appear to believe that ‘Arvind is AAP, and AAP is India’.”

Gandhi, who was an information commissioner with the Central Information Commission, New Delhi, also raised concerns over passing of the Lokpal bill.

He also said,”Lokpal is another area which has been of concern to people of the nation. You were given an unprecedented majority in Delhi, but a full nine months later there is no sign of the Lokpal bill being passed. It appears that your enthusiasm for a Lokpal has waned…,”

Gandhi suggested to Kejriwal in the letter, “Consider making the working of your government completely digital in the next one year and put up all files on the internet each day, save what is exempt.”




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