Anti-Corruption Branch scraps old helpline no. 1031 started by AAP; Delhi govt trashes order


Delhi’s Anti-Corruption Branch has released two new helpline numbers to battle corruption in the city and decided to end the old no. 1031 issued by the Delhi government.

ACB’s MK Meena on Thursday also accused the Delhi government of not transferring calls received on their helpline no.1031 to the agency.

“We’ve observed from the past one month, no calls are being received on the Anti Corruption helpline no.1031 which has been issued by the Delhi government. People were calling but the calls were not directed to our office. We have decided to issue new helpline numbers which will be received by our office,” said Meena.

Meanwhile, the Aam Aadmi party said that any attempt to send out confusing statements on helpline 1031 and statement on issuing new helpline numbers will be dealt with legally.

“The Government of NCT of Delhi once again puts on record that Mr.Mukesh Kumar Meena, IPS, is not the ACB Chief. He is just assigned to look after the work of training and monitoring of under-trial cases at ACB. SS Yadav, IPS, is the Chief of ACB. Any decision regarding the ACB as its Chief is to be taken by Yadav only,” the Delhi government said in a statement.

“Meena, was posted at ACB in an illegal manner at the behest of PM to scuttle the anti-corruption drive of Delhi Government. Anti-corruption helpline 1031 stands as helpline for all anti-corruption complaints. No other helpline is working for this purpose,” the Delhi government said.

Earlier on Thursday, Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia had accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of trying to crush all anti-corruption forces in the country and unlawfully controlling the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB).

“If somebody commits an act of corruption in Delhi and the Delhi government wants to launch an investigation, shouldn’t it have full independence to take action in this matter. Corrupt people are roaming free and the government is refusing to arrest them,” Sisodia had said during a press conference.


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