Woman, claiming to own the Sun, sues eBay


A 54-year-old Spanish woman barred from selling plots on the Sun on eBay has filed a lawsuit against the internet e-commerce giant.

Maria Duran, from Vigo in the Spanish region of Galicia, has been claiming ownership of part of the Sun since 2010 when she threatened to bill solar power users.

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The woman registered the star in her name at a notary office in Spain, before opening an eBay account selling square-metre plots for one euro each.

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But two years later eBay pulled her listings, on the premise that it violated its intangible goods policy and subsequently blocked her account. She threatened to sue, and now one Spanish court has recognized her claim, Sky News reported.

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A trial will take place next month, with Duran demanding around £7,500 for payments which  she says she has not received. Duran has rejected attempt by eBay to settle the case out of court.

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She continues to sell plots on the Sun on her own website.

Duran said that while there is an international agreement which says no country can claim ownership of a planet or star, she is an individual and is not bound by the agreement.


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