With free fall of rupee, also sinks reputation of Modi ‘economist’ Chetan Bhagat


Rifat Jawaid

When your claims are not directly in sync with your actions, the biggest casualty in this self-claimed neutrality is your reputation.

Writer Chetan Bhagat is fast realising this phenomenon and may silently be kicking himself for going overboard in his display of passionate love for the Narendra Modi and the RSS affiliate organisations particularly when the United Progressive Alliance led by Manmohan Singh was in power.

The period between 2008 and 2013 was of immense economic upheaval, as the world experienced, not only a recession but an economic depression of sorts. While the mightiest of economies including America, Gulf countries and Europe bore the brunt of the economic meltdown, India could not remain unaffected. If anything, India continued to deliver over 5% of annual growth even when Britain and America faced double-dip recession.

It was a period, that the Indian rupee saw devaluation, but not a free fall as sought to be projected by vested interests such as Bhagat owing allegiance to the right-wing groups.

Thanks to the advent of social media platforms this new breed of ‘economists’ were now able to showcase their hidden ‘talent’ on economy.

Suddenly, India discovered that Baba Ramdev’s talent was more than just teaching yoga and running Patanjali, Sri Sri Ravinshankar possessed rare skills of predicting about the fate of Indian rupee and Bhagat was about to include yet another talent in his CV- Analyst on global economy.

Let’s have a look at the tweets posted by Bhagat, who clearly thinks he’s the greatest ever gift to mankind and his allegedly mediocre writing coupled with a bit of PR and sycophancy for the ruling class are just enough to earn him a secure place in Indian history.

Well, India’s so-called literary sensation has taken to twitter, once again, to comment on Indian economy and devaluation of rupee in particular. And just like his assertion in 2013, once again his arguments are bereft sanity even this time around.

Here’s what he tweeted when confronted by actor-director Kamal R Khan, who sarcastically described him as a bigger economist than even Manmohan Singh.

But he does acknowledge the fact that primarily the government is headed by his ideological mentor, who he can criticise only at his peril.

Poet and Aam Aadmy Party leader Kumar Vishwas on Fridayappeared to have touched a raw nerve of Bhagat by digging out his old tweets of Bhagat.

This left him utterly rattled forcing him to resort to name-calling and innuendos unbecoming of a writer of repute he expects India to treat him as.

See his twitter reactions to Vishwas;

Whether Bhagat is indeed bereft of common sense or what he does on twitter is a mere gimmick to provoke social media users to gain the much needed publicity is debatable.

But, such inconsistencies often reaching nonsensical proportions has pushed away many readers who once loved him as writer, albeit based on false notions. The more he indulges in such gimmickry, more ridicule he will cause for himself.

The hurt Bhagat causes to his reputation doesn’t really bother me, our readers seem to love any shenanigan attached to Bhagat. Precisely the reason, why I’m not complaining!


    • The facts are Chetan Bhagat’s tweets ; what other facts do you want ?

      Bhagat is a cheap author of facile one-liners ; Manmohan Singh was a ready target and Bhagat , without any idea of anything other than the IIT where he studied , tried his hand at criticizing Dr. Manmohan Singh ; these cheap barbs are coming back to haunt him.

      If he had the slightest self-respect , Bhagat would stay away from dabbling in things which he does not understand ; he thinks that good English can cover such faults , but beyond a certain stage stupidity cannot be concealed.

      Earlier , Bhagat had targeted the historians who were returning their awards , and had got trolled on Twitter ; stupidity is defined as not learning from one’s own mistakes ; this Chetan Bhagat epitomises.

  1. Correct. I always pre-order his books. No more would do so. Not because he twitted all these but because i wont have fun reading his rom-com novels knowing he is political, biased and sometime misleads. He misleads because people trust him and follow him. The day I stop trusting and following he cant mislead me anymore.


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