Election Commission’s warning to Modi govt on use of indelible ink for money exchange


The Election Commission has asked the government to keep in mind the election laws on use of indelible ink while applying the method to check the suspicious depositors.

In a letter to the Finance Ministry, the Election Commission said five states are going for bypoll on November 19 and the government should ensure that use of indelible ink on people depositing money in banks does not create problems for the voters in these states.

indelible ink

Earlier in the day, the government announced that it would apply indelible ink on people depositing and exchanging money at bank branches following the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes.

Sources told PTI that the rules relating to indelible ink have been referred to the Finance Ministry to help it devise a strategy which keeps the interest of voters in mind.

As per the electoral law, indelible ink is applied on the left index finger of the voter to prevent impersonification.

If the voter does not have an index finger it is applied on the other finger.

In case the voter does not have a left arm the same principle is applied on the right hand. If a voter does not have both the arms, then the indelible ink is applied on the toes.

Union finance ministry had on Tuesday decided to introduce indelible link for people visiting banks to exchange their old notes with new.

This is to ensure that an individual has not exchanged more than his/her share of Rs 4,500.

(With PTI inputs)


  1. Yes, this may vitiate the electoral process in the constituencies where the by polls are to be held on 19 th Nov as genuine voters having ink marks on their fingers after having exchanged currency is likely to be debarred from voting. Unfortunately the continuance of problematic steps being devised by the present Govt. without application of mind has become the order of the day.


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