US favors Indo-Pak trade by land


Richard R Verma, US Ambassador to India said that he would put in efforts for enhancement of trade between India and Pakistan through the land route.

There is indeed immense potential to save huge transportation costs and time, if more and more trade is done through land route via Attari -Wagah border,” said Verma, adding that he would certainly do all he could, to push the governments of both countries to resolve these issues at the earliest and leverage each other’s strengths.

“Though the economic destinies of India and Pakistan are interlinked, our bilateral trade is below $3 billion, which has the potential to touch $10 billion in the next few years,” said Pradeep Sehgal, vice chairman of Confederation of Indian Industries Amritsar zonal council.
 The two nation’s bilateral trade is below USD 3 billion which has the potential to touch USD 10 billion in the next few years.


  1. BTW who is US to poke its nose all the time in India’s matters? We have our own brain to think what is good/bad for our country. Could somebody please explain why their say is important? Their say should not influence our decisions. We know how to run our country, isn’t it? It’s just like Netenyahu telling United States what to do when and how. May be trade is good, but still why do they have to tell us?


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