This Father’s Day, Build A Retirement Plan For Your Father With Bajaj Finance FD


The best way to make this Father’s day special is by gifting him something unique. A present that has long-term utility value and can help him fulfill his financial goals with ease. Nothing would make him happier than giving him an investment plan such as a Fixed Deposit.   

When it comes to fixed deposits, there are several banks and non-banking financial companies that provide such schemes. Bajaj Finance offers some of the best financial assistance, whether it is increasing the strength of your FD earnings or developing a long-term investment strategy.

Why Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit could be the best gift for your Father

Bajaj Finance FD offers an interest of 8.6%, which is one of the highest in the market. If your Father is a senior citizen, he can avail 0.35% best fd rates for senior citizens. Thus, with lucrative returns and high rates of interest, a fixed deposit can always help him secure his accounts today for future wants and needs.  

Top 7 reasons how Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit can help your Father retire at ease:

  • Beat inflation and earn guaranteed returns: With the rate of inflation notching continuously high in medical care and retail sector, the monetary value is declining consistently. Therefore, by starting an FD with Bajaj Finance for your dad, you can help him earn interest up to 8.6% and reduce his financial burden drastically. The interest earned on these deposits is a great way to receive a monthly payout for his needs or desires.
  • Risk-free investment: Backed by genuine ratings like ICRA’s MAAA/stable and CRISIL’s FAAA/stable, Bajaj Finance FD is considered highly safe in terms of prompt payment of interest and principal on fixed deposit. Thus, with this fixed deposit investment, your Father’s money is immune to any risks, and he would also get guaranteed fixed returns.
  • Get tax benefits: If the interest earned is within Rs 5,000, he can earn tax rebate under Section TTA of the Income Tax Act.
  • Easily avail and repay loans: In case of an emergency, he can use up to 75% of the FD value to take loans providing him an additional avenue of funds. At the same time, in the absence of any regular income, he can easily use such fixed deposit savings to repay his loan burdens.   
  • Offers flexible tenor option: Fixed deposits can be a secured investment option for your Father as it yields higher returns than a savings account. Additionally, he can determine the tenor of his fixed deposit which can range 12 to 60 months depending upon his requirements and fulfilling his responsibilities like paying for household expenses, settling for grandchildren’s gifts, medical expenses, or planning a trip abroad. 
  • Calculate earnings in advance: With the digital age creeping in, Bajaj Finance FD calculator can easily be used online to anticipate returns and plan investments better. Therefore, gifting a fixed deposit to your Father would certainly prepare him for his financial journey and even allow him to splurge in his personal expenses.   
  • Online services available: To provide your Father with a meaningful experience, opening a fixed deposit account for him is the way to go. Therefore, to book a fixed deposit for him, he can simply log in to the Bajaj Finance website, submit the application form along with photograph and KYC documents and can get going.         

The Bajaj Finance FD for senior citizens is specially curated for people who are on the brink of their retired life. Therefore, this would be the perfect gift for your Father on this Father’s Day for his secured financial future.   


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