Ratan Tata joins intolerance debate, asks government to let people have freedom to decide


Famous industrialist and renowned philanthropist Ratan Tata on Monday joined the intolerance debate agreeing with the country’s intellectuals by saying that the freedom to decide what one has to do was none of government’s business.

He said that this freedom was the one single thing that could make the country shine and governments should have no role in telling people what to do.

“If India is to shine now and in future, people must have the freedom to decide. While governments can be in the business of monitoring, they should have no role in telling people what to do,” Ratan Tata was quoted by the news agency PTI.

The chairman emeritus of Tata Sons made these observations while interacting with students of SRM University at nearby Kattankulathur.

“If India should shine let people have the freedom to decide,” a release quoted him as saying.

Tata said that people were yet to have access to basic health care facilities and there was social stigma on disability adding that less attention had been given to disability oriented vehicles.

“We don’t even have a ramp in many pavements to address the needs of people on wheel-chairs,” he said.

Ratan Tata’s comments on intolerance will give credence to the growing protests on this matter by India’s intellectuals, who even resorted to returning their national honours.

However, the BJP led government in Delhi and its supporters had rubbished the protests on growing intolerance under the current regime by often calling them anti-nationals.



  1. India has survived through the extreme suppression during emergency imposed by Gandhi family’s whims and numerous riots under Congress rule. To criticize BJP for intolerance in last one year, is grossly hypocritical, if not unfair.

    • noone supported emergency rule or riots then or now. same goes for intolerance. freedom is a basic desire in every human being.

      • When Sakshi Maharaj raises genuine issue of increasing Muslim population it is intolerance. Why he does not have freedom of expression? If Kalburgi or U R Ananthmurty says pee on idols it is freedom of expression and not intolerance. Problem is when things become selective. When a Muslim is killed it is death (Dadri), even if large number of Hindus are attacked, it is not.

          • Who am I to ask anybody to go anywhere? Mr Tata is a true nationalist. It is anti-nationals who go running to uncle Obama saying they can’t convert people in India or those who kill innocent people by planting bombs, pose threat to Hindus in particular and India at large. Also all those who can find countries of their liking with the kind of tolerance and secularism they want should go to those countries,

      • The point is not about basic desire, but hypocrisy. When Sibal added section 66A to suppress social media discussion, it was not cried upon by media as intolerance.

  2. Freedom to decide and intolerance debate have no connection. Media’s view is if Sakshi Mahraj says something they don’t like it is intolerance and if Kalburgi says something offensive it is freedom of expression. He did not say which freedom he was referring to.

    • Exactly, the assumption of the so-called left liberal (read beneficiaries of Congress designed system of lutyens journalism and JNU scholars), consider freedom of expression only belongs to their ideologues.

    • However Sakshi and the likes of Togadia, Sadhvi, Modi are Alive , while Kalburgi, Pansare , Dabholkar were murdered. They were not killed by Pak terrorists, they were killed by zealots and fanatics if not terorists like you, who are more dangerous, enemy within. The hallmark of creatures like you is always crying victim, “hindus suffering” , “pandits murdered in JK””muslim population rising” “Hindus burnt in Godhra” while relentlessly waging communal war over minorities , dalits and muslims alike through a is vicious and venomous conspiracy.This is what you were good at during british raj (licking their boots) and now breeding false nationalism (Hindutva). The problem with the likes of you is , your mental faculties lack logic and reason to distinguish between truth and falsehood, hence fall prey to brainwashing by your own types believing falsehood as truth and vice versa.

      • Moron, When so many Kashmiri Pandits were ethnically cleansed, their death was not death ? What about Bomb blasts by your friend Yakub? Their deaths not deaths? Is it not because of support from Muslim population terrorists enter J&K? We don’t want India to be Islamic Repubic, Raising dalit issues is just to attack Hindus by diving Hindus. Does any Muslim or Christian nation allow such whole-sale conversions where minority population has increased 4 times in absolute terms and 2 times as percentage. Why should Hindus be burnt in trains? What about burning of businesses and vandalizaton of temples in Malda. You may celebrate it. I don’t. Dabholkar died in 2013 why were you not jumping around then? Where were you when Taslima Nasreen was thrown out of Bengal?

  3. SP: If I was to say what Ratan said, you would be all over me telling me how anti-national I am and to get to Pakistan! That shows your sycophancy and hypocrisy mentality!

  4. There is no aspersion casted and no complaint of intolerance in what Tata has said. He could be coming from a background where Nehru stalled Jemshed Tata from building aircrafts because of socialist outlook which prevented private sector to bloom. Had the older Tata been allowed to build an aircraft industry, we could be in the global arena in aeronautic industry also.

    • Outside india, everyone is just brown dog. see how isis treated indian fighters. Better live in peace with majority rather than fighting on pseudo-secular agenda. Cong is making all intolerance noise to grab power, not out of any love for minorities.

        • Why should Tata go to Pakistan? He even refused to meet Pakistani delegation who wanted him to invest in Pakistan. It was Pakistani terrorists who attacked his Taj Hotel and killed 166 people in 26/11. The article is not clear what he meant to say. Nobody opposes freedom to decide. You also are free to decide to go to Pakistan.

          • Thanks for your valuable suggestion to go to Pakistan, Unfortunately for you I am not inclined to oblige you. as for Ratan Tata the question arised because he too jumped into the debate of Tolerance in India. Anyone talks about this the Bhaktas never miss a minute in telling that person to go to Pakistan. Please don’t be in a denial mode.


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