PM Modi takes note of call drops complaints, urges companies to use resources innovatively


If you have been a victim of telecom operators’ callousness while suffering from frequent call drops, your woes have been to the attention of no less a person than the Prime Minister himself.

Prime Minister, on late Monday evening, urged telecom operators to immediately address the problem of frequent call drops. While assuring them full support, he also urged them to to opt for innovative utilisation of the existing infrastructure to improve services. Telecom companies were asked to ensure that voice call issues do not extend to data connectivity.

Mobile phone companies have, in the past, cited shutting down of mobile towers due to growing concern for the negative effects of radiation on health as the main reason for lack of coverage.

The PM also discussed bringing electricity to villages, which were not yet connected to the grid within 1000 days.
The PM said that with abundant funding the ministries were now responsible for delivering on their promises, calling for real time monitoring of their working.
The meeting was attended by members of NITI Aayog and various ministries.


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