Ola Cabs database hacked, company on denial mode


A hacker group named TeamUnknown has taken responsibility of hacking into Olacabs database, gaining access to user’s credit card information, transaction details and coupon codes.

The hackers announced on Reddit, “Once we got to the database it was like winning a lottery. It had all the user details along with credit card transaction history and unused vouchers. The voucher codes are not even out yet…” The hacker group also claims to have had sent a mail across to Olacabs pointing out at their weakness but as of now, has received no reply whatsoever.

To lend credibility to its claim, the group posted snapshots on Reddit which show results of database query that includes a lot of names that appear to be related to Olacabs.

However, TeamUnknown claimed that they will not be using or exploiting credit card details and voucher codes and mocked Olacabs’s security team as ‘not that good it seems’.




Ola Cabs has however completely denied that there has been any lapse, or any communication from TeamUknown. Following is the official statement from the comapny:

“There has been no security lapse, whatsoever to any user data. The alleged hack seems to have been performed on a staging environment when exposed for one of our test runs. The staging environment is on a completely different network compared to our production environment, and only has dummy user values exclusively used for internal testing purposes. We confirm that there has been no attempt by the hackers to reach out to us in this regard. Security and privacy of customer data is paramount to us at Ola.”

Last month, similarly Gaana.com was hacked by a Pakistani hacker, but he decided to leave the users’ information, as his main goal was to expose the vulnerability of the website.


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